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  1. I buy used with almost all of my tamas. It's very hard to find the Connection series tamas in box with the shell design I want and the price I'm willing to pay. The color tamas I own were all bought new because I often bought them close to release which means the market really didn't have used ones at the time. I still probably would've bought them new because I love the joy of opening a brand new tama and being the first one to get my hands on it. It's silly but growing up with hand-me-downs, it's nice being "first" for once.
  2. My well fed and happy V2 has survived me being gone from 7am-2pm when I was in high school but usually, they weren't up until 9am so it's more accurate to say 7/8 hours. However, I could only do it ONCE in that tamas life or it would die plus I had to be very careful from that point on. Prior care also has be put into consideration because too many care misses means a premature death for the tama if you accidently leave it unattended for long periods of time.
  3. The 4U/4U+ was an overall big letdown for me. I want most of my pets to have everything built-in the unit instead of almost requiring you to invest in additional gear to get the full use of it. I mean 12/13 adults even with the multiple personality stages was a poor choice after having all the options with the P and it's numerous pierces. You also have the issue that some of the characters are/were unobtainable for those outside of Japan due to the touchcard system that required you to go to certain physical locations with your 4U/4U+. Or the other option for more content was an app that was/is technically only available for Japanese tama owners. It just felt less like cool DLC and more like actually unlocking the full potential of your pet. I know for many, this wasn't an issue but I was not a fan. The M!X however, has felt like a tama that's gone back to its roots with a bit of a spin on the original formula. It's about raising pets, not having an interactive accessory (which is what tamagotchi seemed to be trending toward with its recent iterations IMO). The only difference is that it's less about the care and more about the mixing of "genetics" to see what outcomes you'll get as you proceed through the generations. The biggest let down being that it's impossible to have a "pure" tama after Gen1 although careful breeding with other M!Xs can get you close. The other let down is you honestly need two M!Xs minimum to be able to unlock most locations/tamagotchis. Otherwise, it's pretty fun to see what interesting mixes you can get.
  4. The Connection/Connexion series of tamas uses a piece of paper for the background too. Honestly though, the curving in the background can be due to the screen itself being warped or misaligned. Disassembling it and fiddling with it a bit (loosening/tightening the screws for the screen mounting, jiggling the screen itself, etc.) to see if the warping goes away might be worth a try.
  5. I bought this about a week ago and, due to the holidays, it's taking longer than usual to get here. Might not be a tama but it's a Bandai-made toy which is in a similar vein to tamagotchis. Pic below, in case the link doesn't work (Himitsu No Cocotama Friends):
  6. So fun fact: you can actually have friends from the various towns come visit you (like Mametchi from Tamatown) and bring you gifts when you go out to your "garden". I wish I could've captured it but it's pretty much just the character walking up, talking a bit and then they give you something (might not always have a gift). You'll open it in front of them and then it goes into your inventory. That's pretty nifty!
  7. Yikes, I was like 12-13 when I joined this site. Man has the time flown by! Makes me want to start up a connection pet and relive those days. Congrats Tamatalk for being here so long.
  8. I'm a night owl by nature. I tend to creep into bed close to midnight more often than not. However, I'm not a morning person in the least and often don't get up until closer to 9am unless I have to be somewhere earlier. As my title suggests, many of the more modern tamas (v5 and up) get up at the ungodly hour of 6am. I usually just set my tama back a few hours to compensate for my sleep schedule (and fixing the time when I'm up for the day) but I've sometimes forgot, only to wake up to a near-dead tama. So how do you deal with the 6am wake up?
  9. It's a legit design. http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/186202-north-american-tamagotchi-shell-designs-v1-v4/
  10. I wouldn't say rare but it's more in demand. Neutral and/or "cool" designs are preferred over the standard girly designs.
  11. So, I've been looking into getting a Tamagotchi Friends. I wasn't impressed with the Tama-go but this looks more appealing to me and as a collector, I'm probably going to get at least one eventually. For those who own a Tamagotchi Friends, would you say you enjoyed it? Would you say having more than one made it more fun or was a single "Friends" good enough? FTR, I do own the color versions so I know it would be a "downgrade" to get a Tamagotchi Friends.
  12. If you're willing, there is a roughly translated Tamagotchi P patch. The only issue is that you must patch it yourself since, so far at least, there isn't someone selling them pre-patched. It's not hard but you do need your own computer with an IR dongle to do it.
  13. If you did a reset, it reset to the last major event which could've been as far back as when your tama first woke up for the day. Unless you earned that money the same day, before the last major event that it reverted to, it makes sense that you lost all/most of the money. It does suck though!
  14. I can verify PP's post about the v5.5 being the "needle in the hay stack" of the connection series. It took me months to find mine and I haven't seen one since. Good luck in your hunt!
  15. Thanks for the avatar love! <3 I could've sworn that the icon stays lit from the time they hit the hay until they wake up in the morning. At least if you leave the lights alone, I know if you flip the lights off the attention icon will go away even if you turn the lights back on. I'll be honest in saying it's been awhile since I've left on the lights on all night and I'm hesitant to test it right now since I'm aiming for a particular character.