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  1. If someone has made a Discord chat, please invite me! I'm always on there anyway.
  2. I used to love these games! I've been tempted to start them up again. I still have a bunch of pets saved somewhere, too.
  3. Oh wow, looks like it has the same guts, just a different shell. Going to keep a look out for those!
  4. Dang, that's disappointing. Mine's so unresponsive I can't play any of the games with my band.
  5. Speaking of unresponsive buttons, I need to open up my V6 to investigate it's buttons, haha. I got all the screws out except one really badly stripped one. Not sure what happened there, since it's not one you would regularly unscrew. Makes me wonder if I had asked someone to try to fix it when I was a kid and I don't remember. Visually nothing seems to be wrong so far so it's a puzzle. I'd just buy a new one if I could find them anywhere!
  6. Looking around the forums, I'm going to try seeing if it's the batteries not sitting correctly in the case. I'm also going to see if there's a way to open it up without damaging said case, and see if there's anything lose. Something seems to move around in there. I wasn't the nicest to the thing when I was a kid so who knows what I did. That was 20 years ago now.
  7. I've seen that video too, that's how I was able to identify mine since it doesn't have any markings (at least, not anymore!) Mine's orange and I remember it working exactly the same. Well, I remember one line of the screen's pixels died, and now it won't turn on at all. I'm not entirely sure why.
  8. Did anyone have these growing up? They were an offbrand Gigapet-like device and really cute. Unfortunately, mine is broken. I want to see if I can fix it... but I don't have much for digital pet repair skills! (Let me know if you are selling one. )
  9. I've been using big brand batteries, and when I replace them, I don't get the "Download" and "Reset" options even if I try multiple times (maybe that is a mistake as well?). I don't think I've bumped them, but sometimes I have had to put them in a backpack when I travel. They probably get a little bit beat up in there at times, oops! I'll try cleaning them. I got them brand new from the store way back when, so poking around for dirt didn't really occur to me.
  10. So I was taking a picture of my vintage virtual pets and realized... I can't identify two of them. Link because the image is fairly large: The ones in question are the little dinosaur watch one, and the one that says "pocket duck". I've tried to identify where these ones came from but I've run into a lot of dead ends. Does anyone here recognize them? (Bonus: My poor beat-up childhood Tama <3 )
  11. I haven't played with these tamas much out of all the ones I own because of something that bothers me... Neither of these tamas seem to "remember" major events! The batteries die and I have to start completely from scratch.... So is there something special I need to do with these tamas, or am I just stuck with a pair of defective ones?
  12. My first language is English, but I've been learning French at school since I was 6. It's useful to know French if you live in Canada!
  13. I have nine! See signature for further details. ;D