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  1. Did you make the new thread? I'm not seeing it. Thank you!
  2. Meant to grab the other half of my collection at my parent's house today x.x

  3. Got my batteries and my tama picked out, it is a v3 the shell is white with pink on it with flowers :3 I am excited!
  4. I took a picture of my loose Music Stars I hope this helps you. I am missing one from my collection it is in package still but at my parent's house with the other half of my collection. Music Star Pictures
  5. 0///0 so I went to a gamestop today since I didnt have a re-release of a gen 1 tama. I asked the clerk where the tamas might be and at first we found the gudetama...he proceeds to say it is a fake....I looked at him and quickly said NO IT'S NOT! Then I went on about it, but what broke my heart was he couldn't even care. The thing could have been leavitating in my hand and it would be whatever. 

    1. Hoky


      People have different interests from us, and it's okay! I've run into this a lot with my other collections as well, and while it's a bummer when we run into people who seem to dismiss the things we think are important, we gotta remember that there's probably plenty that they'd be over the moon about that we couldn't really care about either. All that said, it's good we have each other here so you can know that SOMEONE appreciates tamas like you! :D

  6. How can I justify $60 for an eevee tama when I can get a meets for about the same price and it does more?!I have neither tama AND I love pokemon especially eevee!

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      You've got three options. First, get an eevee tama as a special event gift, then price is irrelevant because it is a special occasion. Second, create a special "eevee tama fund", as all prices become irrelevant when you save up for it (e.g. it's not irresponsible because that is money collected while still meeting all of your usual priorities). Third, buy the eevee tama if you will so thoroughly enjoy it that it is worth the money. Value is subjective and while features can be a measurement of value, enjoyment is an equally valid one ;)

    2. tamakisser


      @Knighttchi's Ballad lol thank you I didnt expect such an awesome answer. 

  7. Been bouncing between the usual pokemon go, orna, and shadow knights on the switch. I'm stuck in the beginning part ^.^;; What item are you looking for?
  8. Last group hatch I did was valentines one. I will have a go at this one too! Count me in! I have not decided what tama yet.
  9. I am from time to time reminded how much TamaTalk has grown and changed with tamagotchi. I get nostalgic of other sites and groups I was a part of. I am going to try and be a little more active with tamas.  Wish me luck and I hope to make more friends along the way! 

    1. Admin


      Wishing the best of luck to somebody who has been on TamaTalk for almost 14 years!

    2. tamakisser
  10. I am rather behind and for that I am SORRY! I have had Cupid on from time to time. I didn't know how my work schedule would be with my new job so I don't think I will get to do more hatches. I AM finishing this one even if it takes me longer XD On to my log entry(s): With much pausing through out my week there isn't much for me to say. I guess I named the band right with how much care i can give to this tama XD This weekend I have him up and running. It is nice to see that happy bobbing face on the screen. Thank you everyone for bearing with me and still following my posts. I LOVE all the posts others have made in this hatch! So creative and drawings too!
  11. 0///0 I have been posting in the wrong area! Sorry guys! I am a little behind on my logs to post and Have asked to get my second day moved over to here.....I feel so silly about all this. Love the logging! Everyone has such nice pictures and some of the adventures are cute!
  12. I have gotten a new job in an office, which we can't have things like tama's or phones on. (I'm fine with it) So I do have to put my tama on pause more than I would like to. Just wanted to explain that to you all. Here is my Day 2 a little late. I hope to have my full day today of 3 up later tonight. @Tamadonut Thank you! I always like to doodle along and I finally get to log in a style I like best! @Gabie yeah note 4 FTW, if only my battery wasn't bad lol and thank you!
  13. I have my first day of logging! I hope all had a fun Valentine's Day! I have a galaxy Note 4 for a phone and decided to take the chance to log in the S Note feature I have. I get to draw on my pages along with inserting pictures. I plan to do my logging this way.
  14. I had do buy a battery in preparation for this hatch and I'm so excited to see so many are joining! Hatches are great when it is a BIG group!
  15. A Valentine's Day Hatch? That sounds like fun and just what I need to get back to running my tamas again. It has been awhile. I think I will hatch my v6 Musicstar the Sweet Melody one. It is so pink and looks like a musical valentine!