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  1. Yep...I got mine today! Does anyone know why sometimes if you press the c button it makes a noise and is in a bad mood for about 2 seconds? tamagal1000
  2. I agree....Why not post in the thread FOR this topic? tamagal1000
  3. Yeah, I think that G+J's news is a bit disorganized, so i'm with you, JC! *signs petition* tamagal1000
  4. Hi, I luv both of them! They R~O~C~K! t~a~m~a~g~a~l~1~0~0~0
  5. I kinda agree with mangorox... tamagal1000
  6. OMG! I feel special now! I made an avvie for a TAMAGUIDE!lol Oh yeah, congrats newbiekidlex! You deserve it! tamagal1000
  7. Thanx for helping me. but i don't like people saying *duh* tamagal1000
  8. Hi, Well, I was using a pot plant on my v2, and instead of seeing points or something else, i got this thing that looked like a v1 girl babytchi surronded by dots? Does anyone know what this means? tamagal1000
  9. It can't have been my b'day, coz mine's on the 15/7.. tamagal1000
  10. Well, on my v1, I was typing away on the computer when I noticed that my Connexion had my back to me and fireworks were above it! weird! Can you fellow tamatalkers help me? tamagal1000 ps: the date was set to the 10/8, if that's any help...
  11. They are SOOOOOOOO C-U-T-E! tamagal1000
  12. WEll, I'm glad that that's all over! tamagal1000
  13. You can't un-debugg a Tamagotchi. I wouldn't debugg mine if I could! tamagal1000
  14. Thanx Jappyx for fixing this! (And also to everyone that helped) tamagal1000
  15. It hasn't have the same item more than once since...so it's fixed! tamagal1000