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    I love to play with my Tamagotchi Connexion Version 1.

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  1. tamagal1000

    Tamagotchi Mini

    Yep...I got mine today! Does anyone know why sometimes if you press the c button it makes a noise and is in a bad mood for about 2 seconds? tamagal1000
  2. tamagal1000


    I agree....Why not post in the thread FOR this topic? tamagal1000
  3. tamagal1000

    Updated TamaTalk News!

    Yeah, I think that G+J's news is a bit disorganized, so i'm with you, JC! *signs petition* tamagal1000
  4. tamagal1000

    Who here

    Hi, I luv both of them! They R~O~C~K! t~a~m~a~g~a~l~1~0~0~0
  5. tamagal1000

    secret v2 codes

    I kinda agree with mangorox... tamagal1000
  6. tamagal1000

    New TamaTalk Guide!

    OMG! I feel special now! I made an avvie for a TAMAGUIDE!lol Oh yeah, congrats newbiekidlex! You deserve it! tamagal1000
  7. tamagal1000

    my V2, and a pot plant

    Thanx for helping me. but i don't like people saying *duh* tamagal1000
  8. Hi, Well, I was using a pot plant on my v2, and instead of seeing points or something else, i got this thing that looked like a v1 girl babytchi surronded by dots? Does anyone know what this means? tamagal1000
  9. tamagal1000


    It can't have been my b'day, coz mine's on the 15/7.. tamagal1000
  10. tamagal1000


    Well, on my v1, I was typing away on the computer when I noticed that my Connexion had my back to me and fireworks were above it! weird! Can you fellow tamatalkers help me? tamagal1000 ps: the date was set to the 10/8, if that's any help...
  11. tamagal1000

    New Smilies!

    They are SOOOOOOOO C-U-T-E! tamagal1000
  12. tamagal1000

    your horrible

    WEll, I'm glad that that's all over! tamagal1000
  13. You can't un-debugg a Tamagotchi. I wouldn't debugg mine if I could! tamagal1000
  14. tamagal1000

    OK..this is just plain weird

    Thanx Jappyx for fixing this! (And also to everyone that helped) tamagal1000
  15. tamagal1000

    OK..this is just plain weird

    It hasn't have the same item more than once since...so it's fixed! tamagal1000