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  1. my current group of online friends have turned against me, and it's absolutely driving me insane ! i miss having people to talk to and have fun with ): if anyone AIM chats or anything, you should send me your screen name so we can chat ! i'm a lot of fun, love tamagotchis, and am completely open to any type of friend who wants to talk (: my name's serena by the way, just using my cousin's old account to post. so let me know !!
  2. Okay, I lied. I didn't update in like an hour xD However, Cody did evolve !! He turned into a Hitodetchi. Pretty cute, I think ! I'm kind of hoping for a Mimitchi, but lord only knows what I'll end up getting. I'll love it whatever it is, ahaha, I'm sure [[: Today, I had a snow day, so I had the WHOLEE day to look after my Tamagotchi completely. It was definitely fun. I was thinking about going out and all, but the snow is so high, I could barely get out of the house to take the garbage out. :\ As for his points, they are: +51 FUNNY +49 GORGEOUS +29 SPIRITUAL !! Nothing too much, but we're getting somewhere. I logged onto today for the first time with my v4.5. It's fun, but I don't see it being somemthing I do like. everyyyday. You know ?! We got a few cool things though , so that's always a plus. Also, my sister's Tamagotchi turned into an adult today. It turned into a Maskitchi !! I knew she wasn't caring for it as much as she should have been v.v Oh well, I told her the matchmaker would be coming within the next few days, so she can try again if she'd like [[: Again, I still haven't gotten around to getting the v5. I was going to practice driving today and drive to Walgreen's with my mother, butttt the snow is too bad ]: Seems like I'll never get it !! Oh well, I guess I'll just stick with Cody for now [: Anyways, I haven't gotten much feedback about this blog. Please PM me and tell me what to improve on !! I'd be glad to hear your suggestions. Also, I like making new friends. So feel free to message me for that as well ! ~
  3. Ahh, I had such a busy past few days. I actually had to pause my Tamagotchi for the most part of the day. I'm about to un-pause it, ahaha. I've missed playing with it today~ Anyways, I think Sarah left the baby boy this morning. I ended up naming him Cody. I think it's a cute name, so I decided it would be a good choice. I miss Sarah, but now I have a chance to raise a boy Tamagotchi. Honestly, I don't think I have before xD I've always ended up with the girls, even in the next generations. I'm not sure how that worked out, though ^^ Anyways, I've just been training him mostly and whatnot. He was born with 11 Funny, 35 Gorgeous, and 11 Spiritual points. So, apparently, he was destined to be gorgeous ahaha. He currently has 44,580 gotchi points. Inherited from his mother, of course~ He doesn't have many cool items, just a bow, ball, pen, the cloning item, love potion, cell phone, CDs 1 & 3, and the genie lamp. Not too much, but I'll purchase more things when I see them. I still haven't gotten around to purchasing my V5, as much as I want to. I think I might just order the Famitama from or something, because I'd rather that anyways xD Anyways, I'll probably update in an hour or so. Should be when Cody evolves!~
  4. Wow, I actually have some news since the last time I posted. Surprise! xD Well, it turns out at around 3 PM today, the MatchMaker made a visit to pretty little Sarah. My friend's Tama, Mikey, was really good friends with Sarah already, and we were planning for them to mate, but my friend let him die. He's a bad caretaker, honestly- No big though. Anyways, I accepted, and Sarah had a child. A baby boy- I haven't decided on any names yet, but I'll be thinking about that by the time it's time for me to chose it. I just wanted to give you guys that little bit of information, I'm so excited ! I wonder what evolutions this new baby will be going through ~
  5. Last Night - Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole I love that song sooo much !!
  6. I had to take that when I was on vacation. Normally, I think it's really disgusting. However, I put it in orange juice last time, and I could barely taste it. I don't know if that was because of the brand of orange juice or just my inability to taste, but it really worked well and didn't taste as bad. Just a little trick for everybody, hopefully it will work for you, too !
  7. Hm, that link doesn't work for me either. Maybe there is another way of getting to the contacting portion of the site rather than that link. I'm using a Mac, but I really don't think that's why the link doesn't work.. Sorry I couldn't be of much help, I guess you might have to ask someone else to e-mail them for you ?
  8. Well, let's see here [: I bought my V4.5 while I was in Puerto Rico for the past week or so, and I definitely love it soso much . However, I wasn't positive on the release date of the V5, but apparently it is out already in some places. I think later today I will check the Walgreens, Toys R' Us, and Target to see if they have arrived there. I really want one, they sound amazing ! I was actually going to buy the V5 from Japan, because I prefer the Japanese versions, however since it'll be cheaper here, I guess I'll just stick with English. I'll actually be able to understand something things this time xDD Anyways, I should probably introduce you to my Tamagotchi now. Her name is Sarah, and she is a beautiful, six year old UraMemetchi . Memetchis are my favorite, so I was so happy when I found out that is what I had raised <3 Her evolutions went from: Tsubutchi -> Tamatchi -> Zouritchi -> UraMemetchi . I somewhat wish I had gotten UraYoungMemetchi, but I'm happy with how I raised her. I actually do care about my Tamagotchis a lot, but not to a weird extent. I don't think xD If you have any comments or criticisms of my log, I would definitely like to know ! However, it is against the rules to post in other's logs, so if you do have anything to say, feel free to PM me. I would be more than happy to get feedback about my log. If it's interesting, boring, etc. Anything, really. Anyways, I'll probably update later in the day with more statistics and whatnot, but I have to go shower. I hope all is well with everybody reading !! ^^
  9. Does anybody know if it has come out in Wisconsin yet ? I just got back from vacation, so I haven't had a chance to look around for it ^^; I really hope so, even though I just bought a V4.5 xD
  10. I will be ordering one as soon as possible ! I haven't bought a new Tamagotchi in awhile, and this one looks awesome! I think I will order it, and from another site, the UraTama. I've played the V4.5, which is the UraTama equivalent, I believe, but I like the Japanese originals better xD Dunno why, really. The white, red, and black designs are my favorite. I will probably end up with the red, though ^^
  11. I actually asked myself as well, as I'm turning 16 in a month. I realized that I like Tamagotchis so much, and it shouldn't matter what other people think. Nobody really judges me though, or tells me directly anyways. The only people's opinions I really care about are my friend's, and if they don't accept you for what you do, they aren't your friends xD Don't stop doing something you love just because of your age [: !
  12. I'm in high school, so normally I simply keep a pencil case in my backpack with my Tamagotchi within it. I open the case in my backpack, so that nobody really sees, and I'm all set [: I remember in elementary school and middle school, we weren't allowed to carry around backpacks. I guess if you had a fabric pencil case, this idea could still work, somewhat.
  13. yesterday, i just hatched my first entama in a while! it was a female mamezoku, and my mom didnt let me play with my tamagotchis since my last post, b/c she said i got to obsessive with them, which i probably do. but i just decided to re hatch and now im obsessed again hehe. so today is the third day of may's life and shes still a todler. its quite hard taking care of her at school, considering im in highschool, and she will probably grow into a bad character =[ oh well, im giving her all the love and care i gots =)=)=) so anyways; she should be a teen today and i hope she turns into a cute one, or at least a cool one that will keep me interested =p. if anybody has any input on whether i should get an uratama or not, please pm me. john! is happayy. *Edited - please do not encourage members to break the rules*
  14. Wow i havent seen this show in forEVER. i love this show so much!!! i dont know when the next dvd comes out, but i will buy it!! Oh and i cant wait to see "the fury of ang!!" i dont know if its just an eppy or a movie but i hope its a movie, that would be pretty cool! lol sorry i was just flipping channels and it was on and got me excitedd xx john patrickkkkk;