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  1. -Ra-

    Where can you buy a Tamagezi?

    They are sold every now and then at the Traders group in Facebook. Ra,
  2. -Ra-

    Where's Tama Zone?

    The host website invisionfree is experiencing some downtime. It should be back up soon. Ra,
  3. You may find it here: http://gotchiworld.com/?p=10133 Scroll down to the bottom where you can locate an English PDF. Ra,
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  9. -Ra-

    Tamagotchi 4U+

    I just put up a review on my channel! Ra,
  10. -Ra-

    4u Death

    *Topic moved to 'Help for New Tamagotchi Pet Owners'*
  11. -Ra-

    4u Death

    That's Kandentchi, which is the battery character. It just means your batteries are running low and you need to get new ones. Ra,
  12. I believe I can shed some light on this. I explained what I am about to Mr. Blinky in detail, so I'll explain here as well. Back when Takura first released the apk to the app to those of us outside of Japan, he got contacted by Bandai and was given a C&D order. Of course everyone was upset, so Takura wrote to the Bandai rep and explained the demand for the app outside of Japan. After a while he was contacted again and told that they had released an updated version of the app for Japan which tightened its security and told that we could go back to using the old apk, so long as no attempts were made to fiddle with it, otherwise all access would be cut off to outside of Japan. Thus, the app would not be accessible to anyone anymore. On top of that, after we got several (yes, quite a few) PMs from concerned members on TZ, binary and I had a closer look at the English app and discovered that unlike the previous work Mr. Blinky provided the community with like the P's Patches (this is what I assume was meant by "other illegal stuff") this app wasn't written from scratch. It was a hacked version of a copyrighted app that is the public property of Bandai. What's the difference? While one was written from scratch with the intention to customize a purchased product, the other is violating the public property of a company. So the patches are like customizing your tama that you own. As there are no ToU policies with the unit, it's completely fine. That's why we've never had an issue with it. In fact, we think it's quite remarkable. On a last note, our host zIFBoards have rules we have to abide by. The 13+ age restriction for instance is a rule we have to enforce. Our host is very clear about their rules, and they've been known to erase entire forums for not following protocol. I hope this sheds some light on why it was removed from TZ. Ra,
  13. -Ra-

    Tamagotchi life cycle chart

    Here: http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=11805&hl=
  14. He has given a lengthy explanation over at the facebook group. Apparently Bandai contacted him personally and asked him to take it down. They're pretty serious about it. Ra,
  15. -Ra-

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