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  1. Oh, I got to borrow it as a temporary trade. It's fun but really easy to unlock all the levels. The battery ran out, so I replaced it. It reset itself, but I won all the levels again in a few minutes. You just have to keep playing and practicing. My friend has a few problems with the artwork and basically the way it's made... Otherwise, it's cute.
  2. Yay! Yes, I think I should. ...for my lucky friend.
  3. Whichever one you think looks like it will be better. I also think that Tamagotchi last longer in fun.
  4. I think boys tended to play with Digimon, whereas girls were more likely to play Tamagotchi. But Digimon are different because you battle with your friends and the characters aren't the same.
  5. I would vote Nintendogs, then again, it's the only one I've tried from there. But I still really like it! I wanted to include as many titles as I could. I'm just curious on what games people seem to like best.
  6. I don't have it. But Nintendogs is my favorite game (I think).
  7. Oh! A Pocket Pikachu! My cousin had one long time ago, and that was when the Digimon toys and original Tamagotchi were a fad.
  8. Power Pets is the site. Power Palz is a toy. They're both different.
  9. It is very obvious what Phibichi was talking about. Blinkies. And the word "sucks" is not swearing.
  10. There is a reason they don't have life cycles. The creators wanted interaction to be the main point of the game, not so much of taking care of the puppies. Breeding would have been fun, but I wouldn't want kids to see that. o.o And the puppies have to grow up and die.
  11. I have another post on this. My friend has one but all I know that it plays two ways, regular pet and secret life rockstar (if you turn it upside-down). It plugs into MP3 players and dances, like the iDog toy. Pixel Pets can connect with Pixel Chix too. Sorry if that wasn't much help.
  12. It was Career Day today at my school, and one of my friend's sessions was a Toy Designer. And the guest speaker was the Pixel Chix maker. She won the Pixel Pets Rockin' Puppy. Normally I don't really like Pixel Chix but the dog one was so cute! It plays two different ways (normal and secret life) plus it plugs into MP3 players like iDog. And it still connects to the regular Pixel Chix. T-T You could not believe how jealous I was.
  13. I totally agree with TamaMum's first post. What else can Bandai do? But I also believe that Bandai does need to take better care in making Tamagotchis because the new ones tend to have more glitches (I think).
  14. Make sure that there is no direct sunlight on the infrared too.
  15. It almost looks like she hurt your feelings without meaning it. Was she just joking? Also, next time she does that, you might just want to let her be aware of what she is doing.