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  1. But the chessboard was recalled just as you bought it... I bought a Wii Remote...
  2. The Bandai press release regarding this mention it being $5.00.
  3. So the reason you missed the Birthday was because the internet wasn't good? You can still celebrate the party now!
  4. Do they sell Tamagotchis in other parts of the world like South America,Africa,or Central America?
  5. I've been listening to this song!Now here is your chance to listen to it!
  6. My last day of school was on June 8! We went to this skating+video arcade called the Fun Spot!
  7. Is it because of the salty seawater?
  8. It had the word Tamagotchi on the new V3s but on the first designs of V4, it had the words Tamagotchi Connection on it. Isn't that weird?
  9. Oh no! My money's been crazy! My money's been focused on Tamagotchi Party On!,thenV4.5, and then this?