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  1. is ther any other way to earn points? if so how?
  2. is the ticket I boughtfrom the shop a plane ticket? what does is do and what stage do I have to be to use it ?and also waht does a pencil do?
  3. how do you play the game bump on a V3
  4. srry but can anyone tell me what to do when I go to schoolso it wont die and i dont want to take it to school plz I also dont want to pause and mess up the growth proccess
  5. on a V3, what is a passport and how do you use it? please reply
  6. I live in new jersey and I was wondering what stores sell the tamagotchi v3
  7. how exactly do u type in number and letter .Can u go to school on a V3 is sol how and can any one tell me any thing else about the V3s
  8. can anyone please tell me how to debug experianced ppl please answer
  9. how do you type in passwords on tamatown
  10. Im getting a tamagotchi today soI just want to know everything about them. How do you type in codes? I also want to know about getting jobs and throw in any other info wat are the tamagotchi features
  11. I am getting a V3 tomarrow and I wanted to know how the jod thing works and how do you type in codes and please give aqny other iknfo you can give like each character and how to get themand all the the v3 features