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  1. I would kill her and scream "Look! A monkey!" everyone would stare, and then I'd point to her and say- she did it! LJS I was in your house, killing all your pets, and blocking out all the TV channels! WWYD?
  2. uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh::::::::::::: Katrinna? Plz tell me what my name is!!!!! (Seriously, I forgot mine. Everyone just Calls me Homie!)
  3. No. It has to be 6 years old and up. It should say your tamas age in the status/ first icon.
  4. Um,.... you kind of got off topic. If you want to call ppl.. look for topics called cell phone codes or close to that. And if you want to you start your own topic, click on new topic. Please don't get off topic. I know you are new so please do not get upset or feel offended or anything. LTL ps. you also need the cell phone which you need the code for that. hope i helped!!!
  5. I had my version 3 looking to find a gift for my version four and all of a sudden um like: WHAT THE HAY! A screen came up and it said ball. I pressed buttons randomly and still, nothing! if you are telling me to reset, forget it. reset button: jamed. I have no clue. I even tried to change bat. and no use. I NEED DESPRITE HELP!!!!!!!!!
  6. 2 times mine died on pause like holey! What the hay!? Howz it posible??
  7. I have 8 webkinz! A basset named Angey, a Pug named Max, a cocker spanial named ginger, a terrior named Jannit (Jaynee), a yorkey named Yazmine, a hippo named Samantha, a love puppy named Hearts, and a rabbit named Snowflake. if anyone wants to add me, I'm 1997hotdog. I'm a good friend and I love to chat!
  8. Holey! Man! Where did you find it?? I look everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) And no sherbet bunny!
  9. True. Normally 400...... but in your fortune cookie, when for money you get 3 stars, you get 500. So ya. Is is right in a way. - Tama Lover
  10. Tamagotchi's Name: Emo!! Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: February 16 2007 Date of Passing: March 21 2007 What Generation? 1 Your Comments: I didn't even notice! I had Him on Pause!!!!!! Realy! He shouldn't have died! He couldn't have!!! I'm glad my friend noticed! I miss my Memetchi Emo!! soooooooo much! It wasn't fair!!!!!!!!!!! *Bangs head on table 5 times*
  11. I do own a V3, well, 2. I also have a V4. My V3's batteries are dead, so I can't use them anymore.
  12. Rules: First Story: 1. starts about dogs on mars. 2. Middle ( second page) About lions in outer space 3. End (3rd page) tamas out of tamagotchi! 4: no one dies 5. no swears Once there was a dog. He had a familly on Mars. Thay ate rocks and lived in a Volcano!
  13. That's kinda rude! Tama's have feelings! (atleast that is wat somppl say) Plus, how wud u feel if somone kild ur tam wen u didnt want tat 2 hepen?
  15. Bunny or dog? Anyway! CCUTTTEEEEEEEE!!! 9.8/10 (Tatz almost az good az 10/10~) MEEEEEE------------------------------------------------------>