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  1. We have 70 members,and hoping to reach the top! Go take a look..... *websit url removed. see HERE for why*
  2. And I did not hack, I dont even know what hack means. And I am so confused.
  3. But,am I a mod then? What is going on?
  4. You doulble posted. And why does it say that though?
  5. At the bottom of when I post a topic, and other places. It says Moderation options. And it has pin,close, and other thingys to do, What does that mean?
  6. Have you been on Town Of Tamas?I have it is fun!And there are eggs for sale,homes,and restaurants!And I got promoted!It is GREAT!DO you like it?Town Of Tamas!!!!!!!!1
  7. My friend tried here,i doubt this site still works
  8. I gave my mutsu away to my cousin.