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  1. HELP my tama went to sleep and I just noticed the black skull in the top of the screen? what can I do? will he die before he wakes up? can I set the clock back to fix this?
  2. my son bought the treasure chest looking for points and twice a scary character jumped out! his tama (benji) was scared silly and hopping up and down. Now benji has lost all hearts two times. If he loses all hearts again, will he die????
  3. Hi Naruto/Gotchi, well I took a chance and reset the clock anyway. Some people are telling me that as long as it's on pause during midnight, then the parent will not know to leave. It seems that the parent is only triggered when it hits 12:00 am the second time after the baby. I used to think that the parent leaves 24 hours after the baby is born, but I think now that it doesn't matter when the baby is born, the parent will fly away after the clock hits midnight on the second day. That's why some tama parents stay longer than 24 hours after the baby is born. It seems that I should be able to keep benji forever if it is always on pause at 12:00 a.m. and that trigger will never take place. Please let me know what you think, you've been very kind and I appreciate your exper tise!!
  4. I want to keep my parent tama and I keep it on pause all the time. But the clock is 5 hours behing since I changed battery and parent and baby sleep into the afternoon. If I advance the clock and reset it to right time, will this make the parent leave sooner? can I just keep on pause at every midnight and he will never leave me?
  5. hi sania! I changed the battery and dowloaded (benji & baby still here). I don't ever want benji to leave. But the clock is now wrong and is 5 hours behind. If i reset, will this speed up benji leaving? Or can I just keep on pause during every midnight and benji will never leave? please help! I can't get anyone to answer this question for me. i'm very afraid to reset clock! thanks!!!
  6. I want to keep my parent. I need to reset clock because messed up after battery change but if I reset clock to correct time will that speed up parent leaving? Or if i just keep on pause during the midnight will he be safe?
  7. Does anyone know when the parent tama leaves after the baby arrives? Is it 24 hours later or when the clock passes midnight twice? When I changed my battery the clock is now behind 5 hours. I want to keep my parent and I'm afriad if I set the clock to right time (5 hours ahead) this would speed up my Benji leaving me. But if it's when the clock passes midnight twice I think I should be safe if it's on pause...HELP!! HELP!!
  8. I changed the battery and succesfully downloaded my parent & baby tama but the clock is 5 hours behind so the pair sleep into the afternoon. I want to keep the parent from leaving so I keep on pause because if not the parent will leave in 24 hours. If I reset the clock to correct time (5 hours ahead) will this speed up the process of my parent leaving and whack 5 hours off the 24?
  9. thank you kimitama, but when i put in new battery it beeped and an egg appeared. if this happens to the second tama, should I hit the reset button in back first or just go to the b button?
  10. HELP! When I changed the battery the screen instantly showed an egg. I hit the reset button (per the instructions) but no choice was offered for Download or Reset. Luckily my 4 year old hit button b and the choice was offered there. My other son's battery will run out soon, so should I hit the reset button on back first or just button B if it shows an egg. I'm scared I'm going to wipe out his tama but reset button!
  11. hi, thanks for the advice, if Benji does go away is there a way for my son to ever see him again? is there a way to reset the clock backwards so the matchmaker/baby incident won't happen?