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    Tamagotchis,(duh) reading and writing(ask anyone who knows me personally), math,(especially long division)...Yeah. I'm a weird kid.<br>I also love Shakespeare! His plays are teh awesomest!

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  1. Yup. 'Fraid so. *bursts into tears* KIMMY!!!! WHYYYY!!!!
  2. No, I meant the "then again they almost died they just made it but then they..."coming from Mametchi Lover.
  3. No, I meant the "then again they almost died they just made it but then they..."coming from Mametchi Lover.
  4. She was so exited! Her dreams were coming true!
  5. Andy and Yogui were married and Yogui had a baby boy named David. One night she heard a clunking in the kitchen and jumped out of bed to investigate. She saw a note saying, "Tell Andy that this is Milly." Yogui was furious. She thought that Milly was his girlfriend and that's why he stayed out late every night. She didn't bother to read the rest of the note. The rest said, "I have captured David! You must give yourself up to the UFOtchis or you will never get him back!"
  6. "Um....what are you here for?" He noticed she was blushing.
  7. It was the same person or a group of friends, of that I'm sure.
  8. And I am coming after you!" The two ran as fast as they could. The Hanatchi tripped in a hole! She fell down and couldn't get up because she had sprained her tail!
  9. Wha? Anyways, Jack was trembling as he saw the princess. He thought she was going to punish him for being so near royal grounds. Instead, she opened her mouth and said...
  10. Oh, I just remembered another... They are twins, and their names are Destiny and Trinity. They are my age and are total opposites. Destiny is a happy-go-lucky, artsy, book-reading optimist, and Trinity is a dark, Shakespeare-loving, technofreak pessimist. Also, there's one I call Sabrina, who is a little tiny 4-year-old that I take care of because her parents were murdered. She's really hard to make friends with, because she saw the whole thing and the trauma almost made her go crazy. I'm the only one who can talk to or understand her. How I love Imaginary Friends!
  11. Happy B-day! I always thought that abbreviation was creepy, cause it rhymes with D-day, but I use it anyways.(B-day, not D-day)
  12. The matchmaker came a couple days ago*dance dance* and now I advanced the time so's they'd leave early and Eoin and David can be born properly!
  13. tamakitten, the latter is correct. Bandai took Nazotchi out (no clue why, he is so cool!) and used him as a default character.