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    Tamagotchis,(duh) reading and writing(ask anyone who knows me personally), math,(especially long division)...Yeah. I'm a weird kid.<br>I also love Shakespeare! His plays are teh awesomest!

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  1. Qerk0

    Why did it die?

    Yup. 'Fraid so. *bursts into tears* KIMMY!!!! WHYYYY!!!!
  2. Phhh...*giggle giggle(=*
  3. Qerk0

    Bmaster HACKED!

    It was the same person or a group of friends, of that I'm sure.
  4. Qerk0

    Beliefs and Imaginary Friends

    Oh, I just remembered another... They are twins, and their names are Destiny and Trinity. They are my age and are total opposites. Destiny is a happy-go-lucky, artsy, book-reading optimist, and Trinity is a dark, Shakespeare-loving, technofreak pessimist. Also, there's one I call Sabrina, who is a little tiny 4-year-old that I take care of because her parents were murdered. She's really hard to make friends with, because she saw the whole thing and the trauma almost made her go crazy. I'm the only one who can talk to or understand her. How I love Imaginary Friends!
  5. Qerk0

    Happy Birthday TamaTalk!

    Happy B-day! I always thought that abbreviation was creepy, cause it rhymes with D-day, but I use it anyways.(B-day, not D-day)
  6. Qerk0

    My Tama Journey

    The matchmaker came a couple days ago*dance dance* and now I advanced the time so's they'd leave early and Eoin and David can be born properly!
  7. Qerk0

    Maskless Masktchi?

    tamakitten, the latter is correct. Bandai took Nazotchi out (no clue why, he is so cool!) and used him as a default character.
  8. Qerk0

    Admin is awesome!

  9. Qerk0

    It's Real!

    Thanks everybody for supporting me! I was really nervous about posting this. And, um, one more thing; I'm a "she"
  10. I chose the thrid because it happened to my friend's tama, which I was babysitting at the time. I know, the thrid is nothing .
  11. Qerk0

    It's Real!

    Don't forget that I said you have to keep pressing even if it says fail. Also, I'll put some "specifics" They were all Connections. They were all V1. None were debugged.
  12. Qerk0

    It's Real!

    What happened to me was one Tama gave a present to Vince, and Pablo tried to give a present to that Tama, (whose name is Bart) but Bart wasn't there. Also another time, Pablo gave a present to Bart and Vince played a game by himself.
  13. Qerk0

    My Tama Journey

    Today Pablo and Vince turned into an Androtchi and a Gozarutchi!
  14. Qerk0

    It's Real!

    Me and my friend were doubtful, but we decided to give three-way connecting a try. IT ACTUALLY WORKS! If you don't believe it, give it a try! #1. All get "stand-by" at once . This is very important. #2. Keep pressing B a lot once you get to "connect". Even if it says fail, keep pressing. #3. If you don't get it in a couple seconds, press C and try again. Please don't just say things like, "You're a liar". That hurts my feelings. Instead, say why you think it won't work-and then try it yourself. Finally, don't forget to have them in a triangle! It doesn't work with four.
  15. Qerk0

    My Tama Journey

    Qerk went to Youth Group with them. They had a wonderful time. Also, Qerk had borrowed some Garth Brooks CDs from her friened, so they were anxcious to listen to them.