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  1. *nudge* hey - long time no see!

  2. Spiffy! I decided to visit because I was bored... It's been so long!!

  3. I just hatched my Mothra yesterday I forgot how fun and adorable it was ^^ congrats on yours!
  4. Hahah ya, because I just heard from my friend that they have V5 in Taiwan already... although Im still not sure in China good luck tho
  5. Well, I haven't check up on Singapore just yet, maybe it'll be released the same time as the Philippines, but I'm sure it WILL be released soon Good luck on your finds oh and check out http://bandai-asia.com and http://toysrus.com.sg everyday for info's and updates on Tamagotchi's
  6. There is a chance that it will not be there, because Hong Kong is an independent country, and they don't want to be considered "Chinese". Because the last time I went to China, they don't have any Tamagotchi's there, but you should look around because maybe you could get lucky and find a tamagotchi that's not "JD". I'll try to look if they have a Toys'R'Us over there.
  7. well, in conclusion, you cannot get your previous characters back. So next time, when you take your batteries out, and installed new ones Do click "Download" which will get your previous characters back, instead of "Reset", unless you wanted to start a new one.
  8. Teens would take a longer time to evolve and it will take longer if you pause (travel) it a lot. Just wait, it will evolve and good luck.
  9. I went to Hong Kong for the Arts festival recently (2 weeks ago) and I stopped by Toys'R'Us in front of Park Lane Hotel for a while, hoping that I would find an Asian v4.5 (it was never released in Asia, Indonesia and Hong Kong at least...) When I reached the Tamagotchi section, I was surprised to find loads of V5! and the designs are as following: -The Yellow/Orange bagubagutchi "Pet" V5 [i picked up this one] -The White with Building designs -Blue/Purple with the "Smart" family pictures with rainbows on top (Asian Original Design) [i picked up this one too] -Magenta with hearts (Asian Original Design) -And I forgot this last one, but I think the color was Blue... This is as far as I remember, and when I came back to Indonesia, the V5 was stacked at Kidz Station already! and I've been reading from the Tamagotchi Philippines Blogagotchi that tamagotchi V5 was not yet released there, but they did get their V4.5, this may be one of the factors why V5 was released first in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and I think Singapore. Well, Asia finally got our V5 Edit The designs are: -The Yellow/Orange bagubagutchi "Pet" V5 -The White with Building designs -Blue/Purple with the "Smart" family pictures with rainbows on top (Asian Original Design) -Magenta with Musical notes and stars -White with sparks, and pictures of Memetchi and Kuchipatchi [Thanks Binary] Pictures of the design: http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g310/bin...wanbrochure.jpg These Asian Tamagotchi V5 is in ENGLISH
  10. hmmm, from all the pictures and stuff it appears that this tamagotchi have bigger screen I think it will effect the battery power because there will be 5 tamagotchi on the screen somehow I'm sad because I love chibi tamagotchi's although it's a good thing because of the new ideas Bandai are pouring for the Tamagotchi. ^^
  11. There is also a golden V4 Singapore Suntec mall edition great find ^^
  12. oh wow! with this sign, I'm expecting an asian version soon
  13. this somehow relates to the upcoming v5, cos it's calles the Familitchi G, that should mean something http://www.amazon.com/Tamagotchi-Connectio...88226511&sr=8-5 Bandai is so unpatient, the V4.5 havent even come out in the Connexion version. this is just one person's opinion
  14. ok I'm gonna join wednesday next week is... tomorrow! ok