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  1. V4.5ENSTEIN! Pure creation! Who is V4.5ENSTEIN, you ask? Why, his real name is Kanoa. He has been living paused for over a month, waiting for his time to rein. And that time... IS NOW! STATS; Kanoa /KUH-noh-UGH/ Male 21 Comedy 11 Gorgeous 31 Spiritual As of which adult may I plan on him being? Not very yet, he will be Tenpatchi. He is a mutant creature, fitting perfectly. He needs more Comedy more than ever, thus getting Mr. Turtlepedia, replacing Mr. Potatohead (as I call him), the Comedy teacher in Ura. How do you pronounce his mother's name? Here name was Kiki. /KEY-kee/ Tama0wnerf8tamas
  2. Thank you for making my avvie, I highly appreciate it! Tama0wnerof8tamas
  3. OK. I appreciate all that work that you do to make these avatars and can wait as long as possible. Tama0wnerof8tamas
  4. These look well-made. Good job and thumbs up. Character name: Hakor Base color: Brown Eye color: Green with spike-like markings coming off bottom of eye. Hair color: Orange. Markings (color/where) : Occasionally black markings around body. Glow color*: Darkgreen. [optional] Piercings? No thanks. Items? Pumpkin and ghost. Anything else I need to know? I want him to kind of look ready for Halloween. Approaching soon, eh? Tama0wnerof8tamas
  5. Yes, as if TT is the ONLY site out there! There's IFSZ, Tama Party, TamaPals, TamaLove, etc. Some forums have even more mmebers than us, which is OK. That person/admin probably had to go around and ask for some help along the way. Tama0wnerof8tamas
  6. Ahem, I'm not trying to be rude and join this fight or whaever it is, but I'm a boy. I dislike how everyone judges how someone posts and then says 'boy or girl'. Boys can be like girls sometimes. Tama0nwerof8tamas
  7. Although I dislike the use of double posts, those are some pretty unique and astounding names. I'll probably consider TamaTwilight, considering I can find well-enough colors for a skin. Tama0wnerof8tamas
  8. Thanks much for understanding. I have not yet decided on the names. Tama Speak is taken, but for the other.... Tama0nwerof8tamas
  9. I have not yet given' a link, have I? Which I have not done has not been done ever. Thus, I have the right to have this topic. Tama0wnerof8tamas
  10. I am not advertising, I'm yet just seeing who would like to help and a name. The Suggestions form should be PMed to me. I'm doing as ~Mr.Canvas~ did. Tama0wnerof8tamas
  11. I do not know what should go in the blank. And I need a Co-Admin. And I guess you may be very busy, so I'm choosing someone else. Tama0wnerof8tamas
  12. Hi all! I'm thinking of making a new forum. Yet I have no name, or staff to help out.... I need a name that has Tama in it. It can have anything in it, but I must be original. STAFF: Co-Admin. A good strong person who is good at rejecting bad ideas and good-going with forums. (MUST HAVE EXPIRIECE!!!) Only 1. --- --- --- --- I do not have any names for staff currently, and this is the form. Names for forum are available. Staff Wanted to Be; Username to Be There; Any Name Suggustions?; Why?; If you just have a name suggestions.... Name for Forum (SUGGESTIONS): Why?: Is It Original?: Tama0wnerof8tamas
  13. Hmmmm....... This is a glitch, unless you've yourself a baby tama and an adult. Adults tend to 'change' the baby's diaper/clean up the poop. But the baby doesn't do it for the adult. That you have to do.
  14. You havent visited the parents on TamaTown much so you can't visit them and they left.
  15. Puchitchi belongs to the MEME family. It will only become Makiko if it is a girl.