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  1. OHH! well that sucks i guess i have to go get a new battery now well oh well thanks everyone!
  2. Well my tamagotchi V5 died a while ago n i never reset it or anything but now it's beeping and on the screen is this tama it looks kinda like a chicken n two little ones on either side of it n above them it says wait! i dont know what its doing or why n i was wondering if anyone else did? n if anyone knows what to do to make it stop (without reseting)
  3. you dont really need to buy much except a wheel and a ball i just used toilet paper rolls n made tunnels my hamster loves them those connecter tube thingys are a good idea too but it depends what kind of hamster you have cause mine is too small to climb them. oh and stuff for them to chew on hamsters love/need to chew things constantly!
  4. my last bf i had for 4 months...or about that anyways. the longest i ever had a bf was a year n like a week i think i dunno it was a while ago. question? why does it matter if your not allowed to date?? i wasnt n i still did just dont tell ur parents
  5. wow thats kinda weird anyways thank you i wasn't sure.
  6. i have the Meme Family and the eggs went from baby to Memetchi and Imotchi in 2 hours?? i'm confused are they going to change anymore or is one going to stay a teen forever?? please help
  7. ummm how do u know what they are if your using the dating show??? it doesn't show the names does it? *nevermind*
  8. i have 3583 songs on my itunes but only like 550 somethin on my ipod i'm very picky + like 100 ish prob more pictures *k not 100 ish i have 1327 pictures on my ipod
  9. uhhh prob not especially if it's a dwarf hamster cuz theyre more likely to get diabetes from the little amount of sugar in fruit and honey has wayyy more sugar although i'm pretty sure they would like it.
  10. aha my brother told me to name him frank n no he isn't fluffy lol well here's 2 pics from last night! Skittles Skittles
  11. my dwarf hamster Skittles has the same problem but his water bottle is weird n built into the cage i cant even figure out how a hamster would get water out of it so i just put a little bowl in his cage. his food dish is rite next to it so he climbs on the food dish and drinks the water out of the bowl. he hasn't fallen in so i doubt you will need to worry about Puppet drowning.
  12. i get $20 every 2 weeks and my dad gives me money for lunch whenever i ask and like if i go to the movies or somethin he usually gives me money and my parents buy me clothes whenever i ask too so it's pretty good to me too. oh and i never get money for good grades because i always get good grades (i'm not bragging it's the truth) so my parents dont see it as special anymore.
  13. ohh ic! thank you i get it now my family is "easygoing" thats why there's only 2!
  14. oh thank god! i thought my V5 was broken or something thank you!
  15. My V5 tama got married on the dating show and they had eggs/babies w/e but there's only 2 babies not 3! is this supposed to happen or did something go wrong?