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    Tamagotchi, Gaia Online, Anime, art, animals.<br>and I wish they had Devilgotchis in the U.S.!

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  1. DevilGotchi

    18 or Older with a Tamagotchi?

    I am 23. I love toys, who says you have to give up toys just because we're adults.
  2. DevilGotchi

    Aqua Pets

    How about 23.
  3. DevilGotchi

    Where are TamaTalk members located?

    Yeah. There are four of us!
  4. DevilGotchi

    Something new!

    Yeah, my mametchi did that too! I thought that was pretty cute.
  5. DevilGotchi

    wouldn't it be cool if Bandia joined Tama Talk?

    Yes, that is a wonderful idea! Maybe we can convince Bandai to get us U.S. Devilgotchis!
  6. DevilGotchi

    New website

    That is a really good website!
  7. DevilGotchi


    That's all I have.
  8. DevilGotchi

    Did you notice

    Yes. I think poor tamagotchis always have that "I need some metamusil" look. But they sure do look quite happy when they are finished.
  9. So does mine! It's buzzing.
  10. DevilGotchi


    Same here.
  11. DevilGotchi


    I thought they looked like bears.
  12. DevilGotchi

    Did you notice

    Actually it's going *"Grrrrrrr! Ah!"*
  13. DevilGotchi

    Where does every 1 live?

    Yay! Another Washie!!
  14. DevilGotchi

    Where does every 1 live?

    Edmonds, Washington
  15. DevilGotchi

    remember the tamagotchi gameboy game?

    I had it a couple years ago, but I sold it because I didn't like it as much as regular tamagotchis.