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  1. i mean i always said no to the matchmaker
  2. My tama is 19 and has never been attracted to the mates that the matchmaker offered - how long will she live before she dies? will she just keep on living as long i keep on taking care of her - can she find love with another tama
  3. i have a code from a royal costume - do you know where to enter it? doesnt work at the king or in passwords.....
  4. thanks for the info - I need to donate 5000 more to get the crown - i'll tell you how it goes..........
  5. What is the history part of family book for???
  6. I think in the post office you should be able to type a message to a friend and the next time they logon the message will pop up.
  7. we donated 5000p and did not get the code. we went back in and donated 1p and then 10p we got the code - how exciting