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  1. Yah, it's normal. It happens all the time on both my V2s, and all my V1s. Don't worry about it!
  2. The 1000 point drink is soda, which makes your tama back to normal weight. It really is worth it if you've got a heavy tama!
  3. They are so annoying! I can't believe i actually BOUGHT one! I can't believe i actually WANTED one! I never turn mine on anymore, i just stick it on my desk and look at it. (At least it LOOKS cute!)
  4. Just a question: Why do you want generations? Anyway, one of my tamagotchis is on G9, and my other one (that i just got yesterday) is on G1. I'm hoping to mate them. I have another question, for anyone whos willing to answer; Can you mate a debugged tama with a non debugged tama? PLEASE ANSWER!
  5. Sorry, no. I'm on generation 9 with one of my tamagotchis, and I got a million presents with my first pet, but now the're all gone.