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    Thank you to....<br><br>Jiro<br>tennis winner <br>Yumi_82<br>and<br>hanatchi99 for thier help with the slide show awesome avvie<br><br>Thank you all the Guides and The Angelgotchis For their hard work!<br><br>And Finally thanks Admin for making the best site ever !!!<br><br>Note: Please don not PM me PMs that are in all caps and angry faces each one is counted as a strike 3 strikes your out ^.^

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  1. Everyone's password is differnt don't make your pass word something like your username ♪♪dd545♪♪
  2. Wow when I joined there were only 42000 something! Congrats Admin! ♪♪dd545♪♪ EDIT: dinniwig Plaese don't play "The blame game" Admin bumped this to say that we passed 50000 members and *santagotchi*'s post was made on the day I joined she couldn't have bumped this
  3. I agree with fluffums V3s are a little boring how you say, the V2s are my faves. ♪♪dd545♪♪
  4. YAY! *mood changes* My Dad says I can enter as my Grandma! I'm so happy ^.^ ♪♪dd545♪♪
  5. Wow your an awesome artist MB nice job ♪♪dd545♪♪
  6. http://i9.tinypic.com/2wdzuv5.jpg Banoon I printed the screen on steffi44400's tama and uploaded it to tiny pic! Can you see it now? ♪♪dd545♪♪
  7. *sigh* If it's US only I can't enter maybe I coiuld enter as my Grandma the US has everything ♪♪dd545♪♪
  8. Your Welcome ^.^ I think RTT is too! ♪♪dd545♪♪
  9. I'll exsplain it Deep Red: Very Very Very Very Bad Dark Red Very Very Very Bad Orange: Preety Bad Yellow: Bad White: Good/Okay Light Green: Great! Duble Light Green Panel: Really Great! Triple Light Green Awesome! Dark Green: Xtreme Awesome Deep Green: REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY Good it;s the best Karma! ♪♪dd545♪♪ EDIT: yoshi999 I think you made a little mistake there anything below yellow is BAD!
  10. Here's mine he doesen't have a name yet ♪♪dd545♪♪
  11. That's the spirit! Although Bandai won't accept this (hopefully they will) it would be so fun! It isn't beause they're bad characters it's because if Bandai accepted these there would be like 309487characters on the V4 and 346 games! (Estamate only) Well they aren't real estimats I just typed random numbers! Well I'll work on one!
  12. Depends what music you have the music called "MUSIC" you can only use while your tama is an adult and you don't get to hear it. The other musics I think any tama can listen to! EDIT: Woot my 2000th post!
  13. Your tama is now an adult you have an adult and you can play all the games! Have fun with your tama ♥ ♪♪dd545♪♪
  14. Yes that's true ^.^ also I tip that I find works is to wait a whole before opening the chest sometimes I do that and get 3000p! ♪♪dd545♪♪