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  1. where've you been?? :/

  2. I think everyone I know is aware of my Tamagotchi collection. I certainly don't hide them, and anyone that has ever commented on them in public has been nice. Mostly curious or excited to reminisce. I get a lot of comments about them at work -- coworkers asking if I got any new ones, or how the one I'm currently running is doing, etc. My fiance is super supportive of my hobby. He even got me my first color Tamagotchi when he saw how excited I was about it. Everyone has their own thing -- my fiance has a massive trading card game collection and he excitedly tells me about new cards as much as I excitedly tell him about my various Tamagotchi characters. I think my family is pretty awesome about them. I definitely had my mom "Tama-sit" back in the day so she knows all about them. In fact, I accidentally left one of my P's at my parents house once this year, and she even managed to take excellent care of a Japanese-language Tama for me for a couple of days because she knew I'd feel bad about leaving it there. That's some top-quality Tamagotchi collection support right there! She was very glad to give it back to me though. Not really her thing
  3. happy birthday !

    1. JLou


      Thank you!! :)

  4. Hope you have a great birthday :)

  5. Ooh, I think I'll probably join this one! I love Halloween. I'll have to think about which one I want to run. Possibly my Angel. *Edited because I just realized I have all the Halloween stuff downloaded on my iDL... Hmm. That would be a fun option too.
  6. I never got a Tama-Go when they first came out because when I saw them in the store, I thought the size was absurd. Then, last September I broke down and ordered one for cheap on Amazon. I thought the park was cute. I liked the Long Jump game. I liked how you got to see the whole little family for a while when they got married. I absolutely loved it! For about three weeks. Then my fiance got me an iDL for my birthday and the poor Tama-Go has been sitting on a bookshelf ever since. I bought figures for it, and have never even used them. Thinking about this makes me want to start up the Tama-Go while I'm on vacation this week. I don't like carrying the giant thing around with me. That's the number one reason that I never use it. Carrying around an iDL or P's on a daily basis is bad enough. If I added the Tama-Go to the mix, I'd need a purse just for my Tamagotchis! Long story short, I'd suggest the iDL or P's instead if you can afford it. I prefer the iDL, of those two. But obviously if I never got an iDL or P's, I'd probably still be playing with the Tama-Go!
  7. Wow, that's awesome! Inara's battery died a long time ago and I never put a replacement in. I think I hatched her too quickly after Lorne died. I missed him and it was weird having her. Now I kind of feel bad for not replacing her battery...
  8. I was wondering if it would work for that too! I figured it would. Thanks for confirming it!
  9. That's exactly what I did as well -- so it must not be based on care misses. I've taken perfect care, mediocre care, and abysmal care and still consistently get Paletchi every time I have a female. I will definitely be trying the connecting to save and then downloading next time until I get Rolutchi. I hate "cheating" the system, but I would really like to progress! That being said, I'll probably get boy babies the next five generations
  10. That is brilliant! I will have to try that next time. I have a couple of P's I could use for connecting with. Thanks!
  11. I don't think it's weird at all. I'm running my Angel right now too, and since Sunday I've only noticed two discipline times.
  12. This is what I figured, since this time I treated the poor little Momoirotchi horribly. I always give the babies the best care because I make sure to hatch when I have at least an hour free to play. So I thought this time I'd ignore the poor little thing and give care misses galore to see what happened. Didn't change a thing. Oh well. It's just that it's getting so frustrating. On one hand I like part of it being random, but I don't like it when random doesn't let me get to a certain branch of adult characters at all
  13. Ok, so this might be more venting than a real cry for help, but I do have a specific question, so I'll get that out there first: Is there any way at all to influence which toddler you will get on the idL, or is it completely random? Because every single time I've gotten a female (which is insanely rare for me, I might add) I get Paletchi. With out ever getting Rolutchi, there are adult characters that I will never get. I've been playing with my idL for 9 months. You'd think in that time, that I'd have gotten Rolutchi at least once, even assuming that it's random. I get all excited on those rare occasions when a little girl is hatched and only to have my excitement dashed when she becomes Paletchi yet again. I've never even had Kingyobotchi either, to be fair, but at least I could get those adult characters through the Paletchi line too. I'm to the point where I don't even like Paletchi anymore, which is sad because I thought she was so cute when I first got my idL. I keep wanting to reset when she shows up, but I only have the one idL and I have worked so hard at getting all of the other characters that I don't want to lose all that work.
  14. For the plastic packaging, I use a pocket knife and cut very carefully along either a side seam or bottom seam, and just enough so I can sneak my fingers in to slide things out.