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  1. if you're connecting in the sun, stop. i heard that that makes problems with connecting.
  2. i live in California and i burn up everyday! we turn on the AC and it's still hot! O.o
  3. i have a yahoo account, but i won't give it out to strangers. you know, for safety. but a question. why do you wanna know?
  4. wait. is this tama the tama she got when she first got it? and it has been 0 years old for about a month? weird. cause if that's the case, you should return it and get a new one.
  5. it usually takes about 3-4 days for a baby to turn into an adult. and the matchmaker will only come if you don't have a mate for your tama. and the matchmaker will stay on the screen for about...30 min? yea, i think it's 30 min.
  6. yea, what sk8er girl said. nothing to worry about.
  7. i think it would be kinda easy to keep track of two tamas. just have them next to each other all the time so you can look at them both at once! and i'm not sure about your second question. what do you mean by "useful presents"? all i know is that if you want them to give actual items, you gotta wrap a present first.
  8. must've been a glitch. or your friend is lying, but i highly doubt that.
  9. i like the blue camoflauge one, but it's not on there.
  10. actually, i think it's from 5-10. or 5-9. one of those. but the matchmaker for me is usually 6,7, or 8.
  11. just because it had full training, doesn't mean it'll be a good character. and maybe you didn't take care of it as well as you think you did?
  12. yea, i think it's a v1. just to make sure, does it have a shop?
  13. oooooooooooo. tough luck. i hope you get them back soon. oh, and if you ever get caught with them again, i suggest quickly putting it on PAUSE.