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  1. hey this is club fire u must be 9 -13 i will send u a pm 2 get in fill this out i ur pm gender age how long 4 ur tama 2 hatch post how many times u played with fire
  2. well *removed* just give me the dam crown before i get out the shockgun 1.2.3 BOOM! DNNDNNDUNDNNDNNDNDN MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA TAMA QUEEN WIN AGAIN
  3. yea woo ill join i have 3 tamas all v2
  4. 10 minits is up look i will give u 200 gotchi if u let us free okshow me the money here u go wisperr its acutully t.n.t yay!! lets go home mom dad starry my friend justed called he said lets go 2 tamatown i said let me ask my focks when they get back !! so can i go sure yes bring some gifts home!!! hey wat im evolveing hey duke let me go get a friend tatchi hey john ready 2 go 2 ttown yea hold on i want u to meet some1 tatchi meet john john meet totchi ok lets go boarding plane A TAMA TOWN thats us here we go click click click whoosh eeeewaaaarrrr BOOM!! huh? wat was that dontno ahhhh my leg every body died but john starry and duke at least were at tamatown airport yea woohoo lets go checkin at r hotel sure great howbout the tamatell sure hello welcome 2 tamatell how may i help u we like 2 get 3 reservaiton sure um how many of u 3 that will be 50 gotchi here r u room cards and ur room is 125 right down the hall on ur left here is 500 tamatown dollers have a good time lets go check out r room k dndndndndnndndnndndndndndnn 124 125 here it is slide ur card wheeck there we go omg omg a ps2 with games that u can keep and a ps2 that u can keep 3 bathrooms its a 5 story hotelroom even a kitchen with all the suplise even food cook books and even a pc!! ok lets get somethin 2 eat lets order pizza mmmm oh i brung some movies lets watch some tonight k mmm thatwas good ok oh awsome casino passes yay ok lets go rent a car k huudumdum that 1 is fine 10 gotchi k lets go 2 tamacarnival yay ok tamacoaster here we come chchchhchchchchchchchchchchchchhchcchhchch whoos ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! that was fun im tired lets go back 2 r hotell room to be continud
  5. one day a guy jumped off a
  6. mcdonolds then a murderrer came in and killed them all cut them open and got the money and candy then they turn into deadly zombies and took the candy back then they went climbing into the dumpster were they belong and the murderer robbed tama town and went bungi jum[ping with no rope an killed every body because hes so fat then he ate more candy and he was sumoman and fell of a cliff and the tamas on the island were kidnaped by....................... KINGKONG!!!!!!!!!!!! then the piolet became a deadly zombie and confenscated the dumpster and he ate flesh and angelgotchi got grunk at a party and blew everything up noes body wat happended to the stranded tamas and KINGKONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. lets all talk about viloence like worldwar2 or the civl war whoos bam were goin down GET ME A SODA
  9. VOTE!!! go 2 the lobby and get some snacks o sorry i was wachin a movie
  10. talk to me there needs to be more presents more action more TAMAS THINK ABOUT ITthere life less frecks that r reptiles is that all they can think of wat m i saying TAMAS 4EVER