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  1. *snort* ha i donated 5000 of my points for NOTHING.There was just a popup saying "thank you very much" and that was IT!!!I got NOTHING!Its a ripoff!Don't do it...
  2. One day,i got my first v2.Well,a few weeks later,it turned into an adult(i kept it on pause alot) and it was this thing and i never knew the species.So finally,v3's come out when I'm on my 7th gen and guess what?on tamagotchi.com in the v3 section i find my mystery character!The Leaftchi! This is seriously weird,i know some old characters are on the v3 but can a v3 character have been on a v2? I need answers. <--leaftchi or furawatchi?I'm confused,it might've been a furawatchi if it is a v2 character
  3. This is where you can grieve over your once-living tama.If it died or something.Please post *sniff* RIP: SUNNI age-1 gender-girl species(big teethed pointed head thing) SUNNI age-3 gender-girl species-young mimitchi So sad for them to go also my very first V2 character: AMY age-8 or 9 gender-girl species-LEAFTCHI!!! (kinda funny it was a v3 character,I'm making a topic about it)
  4. you know what?I'm gonna make a TamaMemorial thingy,like i did with the tamas that passed to a new generation.But we could base it on early deaths that shouldn'tve happened.So,your welcome to visit!
  5. wow,amazing. it was raining when i got my new battery for my tama.And then it had an X on the screen,like previous.And i took it back in to the radioshack(thankfully we hadn't even left the parkinglot yet) and they managed to fix it.I guess the water evaporated and the battery was no longer blocked from your tama.The water was dulling the connection thats why it wouldn't work or hatch.Perfect explaination,but also a theory
  6. UGH! Have you any common sense?Doesen't the "battery" in front of the X appaul you any??? Well,thats a B-A-T-T-E-R-Y.I-T is what you put in the tamagotchi to make it W-O-R-K.And when you see the X that means you need a new battery,dunce.Doesen't anyone read the directions anymore???It TELLS you right THERE!And all you need to do is go to a local radioshack and have the clerk put in a new one.And you press B after u see a egg in the middle.Then you get your tama and everything back.But today,i did that with my tama and it went back to the X a few minutes later.Go back to the clerk an have him/her put the battery in AGAIN.Eventually,it'll be put in right,and you'll have your tama back. Now I don't wanna see anyone with this problem again.READ THE DIRECTIONS!THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON!
  7. okay... what you do is when it is a baby,be sure to have time for it at ALL TIMES!Otherwise it will have a skull by it in like 5-6 min.B/c they get hungry,needy,and they poop.And so after they evolve later in the day,they are less needy.Just take care of it like a toddler.Feed it.Cleans its messes,console it,give it time-outs,etc.(by the way playing games from toddler til teenager,the heart goes up.Sometimes adults get this too.Possibly all throughout it's life)Now that its evolved into a teenager the next day,do the same only try and be more meaner torwards it,or it will constantly call out for u when it doesen't need it.Show it whos boss.And after it turns into an adult around age 4-5 then thats when it will start thinking about love.After all,the matchmaker comes at age 6-7.Connecting with any gender tama v3 tamagotchi and using the love potion will either 1)make them better friends 2)get married or 3)get married and have a baby The love potion in some cases,are unneeded. Now you have a baby,it is exactly like a regular baby,so try taking care of both the parent and baby at the same time.Finally,after at the most,two days your parent leaves your baby.Your baby is a boy or girl.It needs a name!Name it and then you have a whole new generation!Congrats,now go to your friends list and go to family.Press a until u get to parent and click b.Then keep clicking on your parent until u see "CODE FOR YOUR PC!" then you take the code,go to tamatown,click parents and type in the code.It will give you a cell phone to keep in touch with your mummy or daddy.This is for v3's only.