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  1. jeminy

    tamatown for v4s

    awesome thanks but i hope it comes out in english.
  2. jeminy

    A Guide to the Uratama!

    awesome thanks
  3. jeminy

    What happens....

    cubanita is right.i've done this b4 so i can tell u.If u press the reset button 2 choices show up,reset or download.If u hit reset u start all over,if u hit download u get ur tama bck.
  4. jeminy

    There's More To Life Than Version Threes

    ok,ok lets stop the fighting it only leads 2 trouble.
  5. jeminy

    There's More To Life Than Version Threes

    isso k dont worry bout it i know what u mean now.It wasnt ur fault i must have misread or something,isso k.
  6. jeminy

    New Tama Site!

    umm actually i never reported u at all and i do like u.
  7. jeminy

    How Long Have You Liked Tamas?

    i've liked tama 4 2 yrs.
  8. jeminy

    New Tama Site!

    well u shouldnt be sad because ur still gonna have new members cause ur site will be in ur siggy with every post u make so tons of members will see it and probably join!So dont be sad plz.
  9. jeminy

    There's More To Life Than Version Threes

    i agree with tamamum there is way more 2 life than tamas.Tamas r just the 1 of alot of things that r fun in life.I also think u r being a bit rude tamaluvr,just cause ppl love 2 play with tamas doesnt mean they dont have a life.We talk mostly about tamas on here cause thats what the sites bout and what makes it fun.
  10. well i believe it's ur batteries,i notice that v3 batteries r about the same size as the v2 but r a bit smaller i think u should try getting the same type of batteries,but in a bit bigger size.
  11. jeminy

    New Tama Site!

    *sighs* i hate it when this happens.Plz listen i was not trying 2 make u mad.If i killed ur last sence of happiness i'm sorry but atleast u know i wasnt trying 2.I also never said u HAD 2 put ur site in ur siggy,if u didnt want 2 then dont.(sorry if i'm sounding rude but i was just sayin) P.S i'm sorry again if i made u mad somehow P.S.S i'm not advertising,my site is inside my siggy.
  12. jeminy

    i need some help

    the match maker can still come! it can come when it's 10 also.If the matchmaker comes ask ur friend if she wants 2 mate or not.If she has denied the matchmaker this many times,it's hard 2 be sure,so i would ask ur friend bout it.
  13. jeminy

    New Tama Site!

    umm well actually this is advertising,and advertising is against the rules in tamatalk.So if u want ppl 2 visit a certain site,i would suggest putting it in ur profile or signature.You cannot advertise through posting or tamachat only through profile and signature.Can a tamaguide close this?
  14. jeminy

    who is it

    well my fav is a mimitchi. could a tamaguide plz move this
  15. jeminy


    u cant stop the beeping technically cause it happens when the tama is going completely dead.I would shove it is a droor under all ur close so u wont here it.The other way is that if u dont want 2 change the batteries u can atleast take them out,that will definetly stop the beeping.