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  1. Tamagotchi's Name:Kizen Tamagotchi's Age: 12 Date of Birth: Feb, 2 Date of Passing: Feb, 14 What Generation? 4 Your Comments: It died while i was at camp. SAD KIZEN
  2. I think its bump, you get 1200 points if ya win the whole thing
  3. make your tamagotchi 87-89 pounds then it will still win the bump game but not get its points halved cuz its too fat
  4. I know this makes me like a big fat n00b, but how do you enter in the shop codes, does the shop have to be empty when you enter them?
  5. Hope this is not n00by but if you see ur tamagotchi in the center and theres curly lines around it then its about to poo. But if you press the potty button it goes o the toilet and sits on it!
  6. B ut if ur tamagotchi gets like 99 pounds then u play bump, it allways wins, and you lose 3 pounds. so its not so bad.
  7. i was feeding my tamagotchi when suddenly it like played a game and then it exploded!!it was a . Is it like a glitch or is it part of the game?
  8. My tamagotchi had a baby, and then, the adult and baby looked at each other and ten the adult looked confused and there was this smoke thing above its head, and its happyness had turned to 0 hearts.
  9. Seven is not the time when they get married, they can gewt married as soon as their adults.