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    i love to play with my tamagotchi, my pets: 2 gunea pigs, 2 parakeets ( they are boy and girl, the girl layed eggs and the hatched!), 1 gerbil, 1 cockatiels, 2 fish, and 1 parrot, all of them are in my room exept for the parrot! I like playing the violin and i take horse-back riding lessons!

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  1. no because i have a blue thingy why are my birds in their cage?
  2. no because balkfbjlkfdaleafljae why am i an orange?
  3. uuuuurmrmr......oh i know!!!!.......coz spongebob is orange! why are you an onion?
  4. theyre ok, but i like the old ones better
  5. because you are a ROBOT! why cant some1 tell me how to get a memetchi?
  6. Have you ever gotten caught playing with your tamagotchi during school when they're not allowed? What was it like? When did it happen? What grade? What room? How did you get caugh? and What were the consequences? I think teachers should allow tamagotchis at school, keep mine in my pencil case, then i pretend to get a pencil and play with it! It has worked so far for me!
  8. yes ,thanks admin! i guess this investigation is now officialy solved....right?