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Status Updates posted by joshnemo

  1. My seven year anniversary of being a member on this website is coming up soon!

  2. R.I.P TamaTown! It was fun while it lasted.

    1. tamagotchialice


      R.I.P. BanDai's amazingness

    2. Rainbow-Monkey


      I'm gonna miss TamaTown! :(

    3. TamagalTamatalk


      Shame they decided that they just couldn't run it anymore!

  3. Hello, could you please move this thread to the (Non)Serious Talk sub section? Thank you!

  4. Ooh happy 8th birthday TamaTalk! Here's to another eight years filled with loyalty, dedication, and love for Tamagotchi. C:

  5. I'm loving the new logo, job well done! c:

    1. graficks


      Thanks joshnemo! I appreciate the compliment!

  6. I came to visit the forum for updates and then I noticed the brand new logo. One tiny bit of my childhood has been eradicated from my life. :c ♥

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    2. Ribonitchi


      :o right!!!


      yeah i love the new desigh too whoever made it did a good job :D

      thumbs up my friend! (person who made it)

    3. Admin


      graficks made the new logo... You can select the TamaTal Classic theme if you want to restore a part of your childhood by getting the old logo back. :P

    4. binary


      Also, for a look back at the far past, try the internet archives wayback machine. (google it)

  7. This place has been so inactive lately... :c

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    2. Admin


      It comes in waves... For some reason this time of year always slows down a bit and then BOOM jumps up.

    3. joshnemo


      It happens with every forum I suppose.

    4. tamatown123


      Its kinda quiet round here

  8. Just watched the Hunger Games, it was brilliant!

    1. Orandatchi


      Did you have fun? I really want to watch that movie a little too.

    2. joshnemo


      I really did! It was so intense and I had a great audience!

      You should go, but it's a very violent movie. P:

  9. My six year anniversary on TamaTalk is coming up!

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    2. ayan300



      Don't I get a thank you?


    3. joshnemo


      **thanks ayan300**

    4. ayan300


      That's better. ;)

  10. Nervous yet excited about the results for the February 2012 Contest! Just in case if it isn't too late, I wouldn't mind being a judge once again! :P

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    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      See? Rainbow Dash wants me to lose. :(

    3. caomi



    4. Rainbow Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      I didn't say I want you to lose!

  11. Rest in peace dear Whitney Houston. :c ♥

  12. Excited to see who is granted with the prize of a free Angelgotchi Membership from the January 2012 Contest! c:

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    2. Agent_Nami


      man i wish i had entered :(

    3. joshnemo


      I'm sure there will be another opportunity in the future! c:

    4. SugaryGoesRAWR


      Same! I might count the highest voted video! (:

  13. My utmost apology to those who have been waiting for the "Perfect Tamagotchi Character Chart" results. I have been quite busy recently, but I am nearly 1/4 finished on gathering the data that has been collected! c:

  14. Closing the "Perfect Character Chart" thread in several hours! If you haven't yet completed the questions, please do so! c:

  15. If you'd like to determine what the perfect Tamagotchi character chart would be, please contribute to the surveys found in this thread:

  16. I received my Tama-Go for Christmas! Hooray! Oh how I've been waiting for you. c:

    1. nizidafabie


      I wish I was you :P

    2. Orandatchi


      <3 <3 I <3 YOU! YOU GOT IT!! IVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG! :D Merry Christmas Eve joshnemo!

    3. joshnemo


      Thank you Orandatchi! Merry Christmas to you too! c:

  17. Welcome to TamaTalk! c:

  18. Out of the twelve available Tama-Go accessories, which ones are the most recommended to purchase? c:

    1. Orandatchi


      It would be hard to decide. But I would like the Makiko figure most. I have it and it's fun! There's a travel shop (not what I expected but, whatever.c:) Sound block and Shuffle Shuffle are the games on it.c:

  19. Casually walking into my parents' bedroom only to see a Lime-Green, obviously unwrapped Tama-Go! This confirms my suspicions that I'd be receiving one for Christmas! Woohoo!

    1. Orandatchi


      Yay! You got something that looks like my first ever Tamagotchi! ^u^ But someone told me to put Vaselin and the screen broke. ;-;

  20. (possibly) Receiving a Tama-Go for Christmas! A bit delayed, I know! c:

  21. The Marry the Night music video is spectacular! c:

  22. I love your avatar! Lady Gaga is my favourite artist! c: (''')

  23. I still can't believe that I have been a member of this forum since 2006. Better yet, I still can't believe how I understood the idea of a forum five years ago. :P

  24. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. :(

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    2. tamafreeze


      and i said SPECIAL guest.


    3. joshnemo


      No, it really is not him. This is Steve Jobs:


      That video had an impersonator. c:

    4. tamafreeze


      check my profile my background is steve jobs





  25. Welcome to TamaTalk tamafreeze! c: