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  1. Sounds like you have been looking at the aussie colors. There are also european and asian releases. Search for version 2 and be on the lookout for oval and cylindrical packaging (in addition to the US rectangular).
  2. Ratstar

    Tamagotchi Love

    Use em and lose em... poor males...
  3. Tell your mom that sharing is a virtue that you would like to be shown a good example of.
  4. Ratstar

    marrying..... :S

    Tamagotchis mate for breeding, not love, so it has to be a mixed pair.
  5. Ratstar

    Connexions, Connections, & kietai

    The connection and the connexion are the same tama except for country of origin and some of the words used, like metric terms instead of "standard", and absent instead of away. They connect just fine and for all intents and purposes are the same. The keitai is a japanese only tamagotchi similar to the version 2 but also quite different. it's main feature is that it connects to cell phones in japan. It also has slightly different characters, food choices, and the points system, games, and shop system are different. It's a wonderful tamagotchi available in dozens of designs.
  6. Ratstar

    Just A Question

    The official toys'r'us release date is June 21st.
  7. Ratstar

    connex v2-slot

    Seems kinda hard to actually get what you want... I usually use the "random button press" method, but I must say the success rate is not as high as it could be...
  8. It's ufotchi, a character from osutchi and mesutchi, mesutchi in particular.
  9. I have a list of all reported characters, but you will probably have to look up the names if you don't know what they look like: All REPORTED Characters for Version 2 Toddler: marutchi, kinakomotchi, hitodetchi, kuribotchi Teen: young mametchi, young mimitchi, oniontchi, hinotamatchi, ichigotchi, ringotchi, nikatchi, hinatchi, propellertchi, ufotchi Adult: mametchi, mimitchi, marumimitchi, kuchipatchi, memtchi, pyonchitchi, pochitchi, tarakotchi, kusatchi, gozarutchi, masktchi, zuchitchi, kiwitchi, chohimetchi, debatchi, furuwatchi, dorotchi, urutchi, nyorotchi, unknown sluggish thing, unknown reptile thing
  10. Ratstar

    Tama Version 2 present

    The v2s sometimes give each other nothing as a practical joke. I'd be mad too Other gifts include snakes, jack-in-the-boxes, ice cream, flowers, etc...
  11. Ratstar

    the matchmaker?

    Those are the correct times, but keep in mind the day she arrives does tend to vary a bit, sometimes as early as 6, sometimes as late as 9.
  12. Ratstar

    How long till tama v2's mate?

    Their schedule is the same as the V1.
  13. Ratstar

    tama mini!

    The mini is a fun accessory... I have gotten mametchi, kuchipatchi, nyorotchi, and unchikun on it so far, started it up again today after moving in from relocating. It is not as interactive though, so it will most likely be for the more hard core tamafan.
  14. Ratstar

    i think i found a new tamagotchi adult

    You have kiwitchi.
  15. Ratstar

    Which Tamagotchi Ancestor do you like best?

    I like the morino a lot. (I have ocean, osu/mesu, angel, etc etc)