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  1. Do you mean like is it a bad video??? If so no!!! its a movie showing tamas playing!!!
  2. That was much better than your first one it was a 5star movie 2 thumbs up!!!!
  3. I think its sad but its a funny sad kinda stupid kinda thing!!!! Cool find though!!!!
  4. I have a tamagotchi and I don't get picked on 'cause almost every one has a tamagotchi so Im kinda cool on that subject lol... But if kids picked on me I'd ask them who do you think you are???? Your not my pier my momma my daddy or any body I respect so why do you think you have an effect on me???? I basiclpy don't care what people think of me!!!!
  5. I don't know one either so I don't know!!!! But I think they will be hot/cool what ever!!!!
  6. No I usaully don't have full training at 2yrs old but I have had full training at 5 yr old but sincen you have a 2 yr old and full training your tama must act good when sending presents ect... So all I can say is Congradulations!!!!
  7. Well I only have 2 V3 because I gave my V2 toa friend of mine I love my V3's there great and maby one day I'll pass them down to my children(don't have children yet only 12) So I kinda am starting my collection!!!!
  8. Thats great has your tama parent left yet????
  9. *removed: Advice column is to be used to non tamagotchi related issues only - please do not advertise your thread in other people's threads!*
  10. I agree ~Luna~. Mines died a million times I don't cry!!!