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  1. That so awesome! Too bad I don't live in the US.
  2. I live in the UK too. I very upset that we don't get the Tama-Go. Hopefully Bandai will reconsider.
  3. No. That's not possible. Sorry. Hope I helped
  4. You can't unless you give them extremely bad care. Hope i helped
  5. chlemma


    I love the cherub books too. I currently on book 8. The 11th book is already out. I live in England too.
  6. I love receiving gifts, spending time with my family and of, course, NO SCHOOL! I absolutely hate the Christmas shopping. I went grocery shopping with my mum at the supermarket yesterday and it was completely hectic. There was hardly no breathing space and the queues were
  7. chlemma


    The games can be played with or without a balance board. You don't need one to play.
  8. I HATE the V5 because: 1. The games are boring and repetitive and you earn hardly enough points. 2. Having three characters on screen isn't any different from having one as only the oldest plays the games, goes to Tama and Earth EXPO etc 3. You can't just simply press two buttons together to pause like the previous versions. You have to go through this long process of going to the travel show and pressing go when you want them to go. 4. Your characters can't interact with items like the previous versions. They only stare at the item while it does some boring animation. Some items don't even do and animation at all! 5. There is simply nothing to do!
  9. The Asian Jinsei is the same as the American V4 AND the European Jinsei. And I should know because I live in Europe (UK actually) and I have an American V4.
  10. Ummm... it's pretty obvious that you stole all those pixels from Tama-Zone.
  11. What character does my Violetchi have to marry so that I can get the Violet family?
  12. Not so long ago I found a topic that said that V4.5s are in the UK. Is this true of is it just a roumer? Please answer, Chlemma
  13. Thanks for the info but I got a V4 for Christmas and those V4s are very expensive! Seems like everyone already have V4.