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    Hey, i'm Hallie. I live in England so i tend to come on at different times to most users on here, but i love to help new owners with their Tamagotchi.<br><br>I'm still learning about my Version 4, so i'm not as experienced in problems with Version 4s but i will always do my best to help.<br><br>I have 5 tamagotchi;<br>First Generation - Clear pink case<br>Version 1 - Baby blue case<br>Version 2 - Yellow with pink and purple stars<br>Version 3 - Green with palm trees and hawaiian flowers<br>Version 4 - White with blue, green and pink shapes<br><br>Please feel free to ask me any questions about any Tamagotchi listed above, i will always try my best to answer your question and quickly and efficently as possible.<br><br>Oh, and i'm back from my long hiatus now (:

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  1. Ah, i understand now! Yes sure, i'll do it as soon as i get back from my bike ride! Sorry for the confusion.
  2. ( Sorry if there has already been a topic on this - i havn't seen one) When the first generation of Tamagotchi came out in 1997, these cute little electronic eggs were designed to be Pets for children who's parents won't let them have a pet, or for those who don't have the time/space for a real pet. But once the sales went up, it became clear that these little eggs were very popular along both children and adults alike - the new generation of toys had been born. Since then, (this is based on Tamagotchi in England) 4 major Tamagotchi have been released - version 1, 2, 3 and most recently, version 4 (Jensei). But are these Tamas still pets? These version 4 Jensei tamagotchi are now more human than they are animal-like. They can get jobs, go to school, go shopping, call their grandparents/parents and even visit the matchmaker! What do you think? Pets or humans? ( Please do not write back with hateful comments saying i'm stupid and Tamagotchi are perfect - i just thought it would be an interesting topic )
  3. Well done You must take good care of your Tamagotchi! I have only ever reached full training twice! My current v4's training bar is on 5. Are you using a first generation Tamagotchi?
  4. Glitches are small or quite large things that go wrong with your tamagotchi. As already mentioned, they may be just small ones that can be fixed by reseting and downloading. Other big glitches may even result in you having to reset your whole Tamagotchi - but don't worry, these are quite rare.
  5. Bummer - i live in England so i couldn't bid on them anyways Good luck on anyone who does put a bid on - hope you get the Tama you want!
  6. Uhh.. well mine evolved this morning from a Harutchi into a Young Adrotchi. I was very pleased because i have never had either of those characters before Do you guys tend to get the same characters, or was that one of the first times you got that character?
  7. Next weekend? Hm.. no idea, have no plans just yet Will probably be seeing my friends before we have to go back to school - ARGH!
  8. I used to take mine to school, but i never got it banned - thankfully
  9. I have? Check under 'finished avatars' Your is under there with white sparkles
  10. Under each message somebody posts, there is a button that says PM with two people on it. See it? If not, click onto somebody's profile and it will also be on there. Hope you enjoy TamaTalk!
  11. Sorry i don't understand? Do you mean you want me to make one like mine for you? If so, what colour and tamagotchi?
  12. No problem Hope you like it!
  13. Okay, i'll do that now then
  14. My v4 is still a teenager, i only got my v4 yesterday so i'll have to wait a while before my Tamagotchi can go to work. Also, i think this topic is in the wrong board? Next time try posting subjects like these under 'whats on my mind' so your topic will be in the right place, meaning you may get more replies than if it was on the wrong board.
  15. Yes, it usually takes a couple of months before TamaTown is completely finished as there probably will be a few more updates to come