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  1. Happy belated birthday, spiffy! Hope all has been well. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Spiffy! ^^ Hope you have an awesome birthday!

  3. Hey, spiffy! Happy birthday! I hope you're having a fantastic day. :)

  4. Spiffy! I decided to visit because I was bored... It's been so long!!

  5. Lovely profile TamaMum!

  6. New TamaTalk looks beautiful

    1. ChamametchiandMametchi


      wait....you're MagikSpiffy from YouTube!!!!!! I love your videos about your V4!

  7. I voted for Option 1 - it looks homelier. : ) The others are a bit too excessively pixelised, but don't really remind me of Tamagotchi pixels.
  8. You are never too old for toys! ^^ Plus, bear in mind this is a Tamagotchi Forum, where most people would probably say we are too old for them - but are we? No! Therefore, there is the answer, if we aren't too old for Tamagotchis, we aren't really too old for any other kind of toy. Just because it is aimed at the youngest crowd does not mean that the rest of us cannot like them or play with them.
  9. Save as .PNG preferably. If you save as .gif you will lose colour If you save as .jpg you will lose resolution If you save as .png you barely lose any resolution if not none, and it doesn't occupy much spacewise. If you save as -bmp or as .tif it will occupy more space In any case, on Paint you can't actually make animated gifs - and you can use .png images and .jpg images in gif makers ^^ In fact, I think I actually have an animated .png (or .jpg or I don't know, just a non .gif) image. : )
  10. Yes =) Of course it is socially acceptable! I was wondering the other day if it was also acceptable for me to wear a t-shirt that said something like "Cordobe, Culture City 2016"
  11. *Topic moved to '(Non)TamaTalk: Stuff We Read'*
  12. --Let's try to stay on topic-- Yes, I could live without a cellphone for over two days (I prefer the fixed phone, computer, or well, walking up to the house xD) Plus, I don't actually own a phone yet. =)
  13. I don't think so. Unless it was Art Class, but I don't have that anymore. However, if there is no class going on, and no work, then I guess it could be allowed (but I prefer drawing/talking to other people/playing paper games, haha)
  14. I have only played Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, but I quite fancy playing the Phoenix Wright versions and the Edgeworth ones. I really enjoyed Apollo Justice, it was absolutely fabulous!