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    i like swimming,running, karate i could go on for ever lol<br><br>I love Razorlight :D<br><br>

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  1. I tidied my room on tuesday and its really clean now princesslauren
  2. if you are bullied tell your teacher dont put up with it if you like tamagotchis thats your choice not theirs its your choice if you want to take it into school or tell your parents to talk to the teacher dont be ashamed if you like tamas (i sleep with a football on the end of my bed) and im not ashamed of that as my mum tells me aslong as your happy thats all that matters
  3. its good youve both made friends and stopped argueing now can we please get back on topic!?
  4. ok there very dedicated lol that cool and funny and weird (what a combination)
  5. well done i always get or lol there really good charcters i want a but can never get one
  6. oh thankyou i will look at that now i was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem
  7. i have noticed this problem that has started a few weeks ago, on forums if you put in a 3rd post before your post there is a advertisment post im not sure what it is?is this just me or is this happening to everyone else? *princess*
  8. its great you want to make friends but because your new i will tell you every member has a personal message system so pm different people to make friends but this is a bit off topic some of these are true i tried some of them but two are fake
  9. please dont SPAM and i dont get what the topic starter means could you please explain what you mean
  10. come on people lets move on they are just trying to help us out a bit so were not looking around for info on what they do
  11. you might have gone wrong when you debugged it like not scratched the semicircle enouth try scratching the semicircle a little more that should work
  12. *claps for kyliesmum* you rally deserved to be a guide i know you will do great
  13. welcome back JC its great your back congratulations
  14. i know its out in th usa but did you see that advert on uk tv?
  15. i havent seen the advert anyway i already have a v3 is it on tv now in the uk? thanks for finding that out though tama05