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    hi, i am toykopop I live in australia and absouloutly love tamagotchis, expecially the new tama connexion ver 2.<br>I run a website, its called fullmeta1alchemists, it will soon have tamagotchi info on it, although i am still working on it.<br>I live with my dad and ALOT of animals...mabey to many- but hey i love them :P<br>please mail me if you want to talk,<br>toykopop

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  1. as long as they state that it is not bandai- a real tamagotchi its fine. i WANT a fake one cause its kinda like a debugged tamagotchi.
  2. would it just be like a 48 pet in 1 type?
  3. toykopop


    mine look like that....with the key chain thing, cute hey
  4. I dont really like them - sorry! - I bought one for $2 from a garage sale and another off ebay. I dont see the point as they eventually die of old age and there are only 10 diff charcters. but they are adorable tiny, I have kept mine safe as collecters items instead.
  5. I am allowed tamagotchis at school as long as you dont play them in class. but cause i am in highschool i ten to pause them or else its embaressing
  6. my ones i am playing with now are: v.2 pink with green stars v.2 purple with tama ying/yang v.1 black
  7. yeah i am suing geocities, its good if you just use the html file managers
  8. mine r sumwat underweight
  9. toykopop

    Furby 2005

    I would love one..
  10. toykopop


    I LOVE the new v.2's but I dont really like the neopets...