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  1. ZOMG do not change the background i ruined my v1 tama by doing that XD
  2. Okay...........I have gotten my tam taken away once or twice (or maybe thrice) and I know it is not fun. Here are some tipps If a teacher asks what it is, put it on clock mode, cover up the "tamagotchi connection" symbol, and show it to them. (NOTE) this may only work on teachers who DON'T know what tams are If you have a REALLY mean teacher then just don't play with it during her class. Play with it during a movie. No one will notice. Girls, bring a purse or small bag to keep them in. I have a black bag thing meant for IPOd 's, but it can fit around three tams. Remove the Keyring for less noise when playing with it during class. Some teachers won't mind. My lang. arts teach doesn't care, since his daughter has one. We show him them sometimes. My friend even named one after him! If you don't have a purse (or are a guy) then you can just bring a wallet and hide then in there. TURN THE SOUND OFF!!!! Hide it in your hand for quick checkups. My classmates are really mean and try and tell on my friends and I. They yell "OOOOHH, TAMAGOTCHI!" and "CAN I PLAY WITH YOUR TAMAGOTCHI" Or just " PLAYIN WITH YOUR TAMA THING?" Usually P.E. teachers & lunch ladies don't care, but the lunch monitors do! During recess, go out some where and then play with em' Those are all my tips fo' now. Have fun. I Gotta go, so PM any questions to me, kay"
  3. um...he has these big ears(I think) and he is pink and blue. Looks like a hippie monkey