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    Ok, normally I'm really bad at filling out profiles but I'll take a stab at it here.<br>I'm a 13 year old girl in 7th grade. I'm five feet tall and don't like it. I have blond/light brown straight hair going halfway down my back, and blue eyes. I play tennis and have played soccer in the past. I also plan on running track this year for my school in spring. My hobbies are reading, writing fanfiction, tennis, drawing, and hanging around random forums and websites. My favorite bands are:<br><br>-Green Day<br>-MCR<br>-Linkin Park<br>-The Used<br>-Oasis<br>-The Network<br>-The Ramones<br>-Nirvana<br><br>The first three are my all time favorites, in that order, especially My Chem, who are the greatest band to ever grace the surface of the earth. Really.<br><br>My favorite books/series are the Harry Potter series, Inheritance Trilogy, Inkheart Trilogy, Twilight Series, and A Series of Unfortunate Events, and not nessessarily in that order.<br><br>I used to be a major Tamagotchi junkie and had 1 v1, 2 v2s, and 1 mini. They all ran out of batteries and I'm not interested in them anymore, but I still hang around here because I enjoy it.<br><br>This was my first forum to ever join and I joined it when I was 10.<br><br>Writing is my favorite thing to do, by far. It's my passion, I suppose you'd call it. I've only written one story at the moment--roughly 70 pages long, and I'm very proud of it. Many more are in the works and I hope to be published one day.<br><br>Some other forums/websites I go on are:<br><br>-Neopets (very rarely, only if I'm bored)<br>-Green Day Authority (Green Day fansite, what can I say?)<br>-Twilight Lexicon (Twilight series fansite)<br>-StephenieMeyer.com (the author of Twilight's website)<br>-Youtube (no explanation needed, right?)<br><br>...If you read that entire profile, you're my hero.<br>So, I guess that's really all I can think of. I try to update this profile frequently, so check again every now and then. So, see you around. :)<br>~Mimitchilover

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  1. My Chemical Romance is not definitely not emo. Nor is The Used, Panic at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, or Underoath. They're just alternative rock (except for Underoath, which is metal.) It's hard to define emo these days, it's more of a fashion trend and an insult than anything...most emo bands from the original movement broke up, so a lot of stuff is misinterpreted as being emo.
  2. I've been a Green Day fan for a couple years and I have listened to songs off of every album, including SOSH and Kerplunk. If you're looking for recommendations similar to Green Day, the Sex Pistols, Ramones, or The Who were some of the bands that influenced them. I personally can't wait for the new album. I miss them. I also heard about how Billie and Jason played at the Gilman a couple nights ago and I believe they're doing a mini-tour for Pinhead Gunpowder. It's nice to know that BJ's not afraid to go back to his roots.
  3. MCR's my favorite band...My favorite songs at the moment are "My Way Home is Through You," "This Is How I Disappear," "Demolition Lovers," "Give 'Em H**l Kid," and "I Never Told You What I Do For a Living." All five of them are my heroes, one hundred percent. *pokes bottom of signature*
  4. Same with the others. I don't like any of them, I prefer Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, The Used, etc.
  5. Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance. I can't help it...they're too awesome.
  6. I'm mostly Mexican, along with Scottish/Irish, Canadian, and German.
  7. You can also check the Youtube channel called mylivingromance. It's made by some fans and it has videos that all basically explain/prove why MCR is not pro-self harm/suicide/drugs, etc.
  8. It's an incredible poem. Edgar Allen Poe is awesome. My favorite story of his is The Black Cat, and The House of Usher.
  9. The Lost Christmas Eve by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  10. I can't stand to even think about my first posts, I was so weird. o.o I actually spammed a bit too. And I thought I was sooo cool because I was a TamaMax. I was in love with using 346879 smilies in every post. Quite terrifying, to see the person I was back when I was 10.
  11. Green Day or My Chemical Romance Cd's Wii system Pirates of the Carribean 3 DVD Harry Potter 5 DVD An iTunes account Electric guitar Drawing supplies A new sketchbook Music book A long list, I know. I know for a fact I'm getting the two DVDs, the guitar, and some sort of CD, but that's it.
  12. I joined April 18th of '05. That means...2 years, eight months, and 6 days.
  13. Yeah, I have a Blogagotchi. I have over fifty entries, but I haven't updated since April-ish because I can't recover the password.