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  1. hmm. well i will say that the series definitely improved in the second and third books. i sort of hate jacob though. he's kind of a perv. haha. and bella's still slightly annoying. but it has gotten a lot more addicting and more fun to read :] now i'm on to read the fourth. again, hmm...
  2. i had braces. i got them off in january :] they glue the brackets onto your teeth. the reason why your mouth will hurt is because the wires they put on the brackets have to be tightened to move your teeth around. you will probably feel discomfort for a few days at first, and every time they get adjusted, but it goes away once your teeth adjust too. i used to get all kinds of colors. haha. my favorite was glow in the dark! for holidays, i would do colors too. red and green for christmas, red, white, and blue for july 4th, green for st. patrick's day, blue and yellow for easter, red, pink, and white for valentine's day, and orange and black for halloween. it's kinda fun haha but you have to do your planning right since you'll probably only get checkups once every month or so. well good luck with the teeth :] mine came out great, so i'm sure yours will too!
  3. haha wow! and i thought i was the only one who wasn't OBSESSED with twilight. i'm reading it for the first time right now, and i'm close to the end. edward is annoying. he smiles and laughs way too much, and then he has the mood swings. and i hate how he's not like a vampire at all. and bella is just annoying too. i hate how she's totally, impossibly in love with edward. it's just...not right. gaah. and the plot is slow, until it gets to the tracker. and then it goes way, way, WAY too fast. i mean, i like this book a little. but i can't imagine ever being obsessed with it.
  4. hmm. well to be honest, i don't like her attitude, or the way she performs. personally, i don't think she's a very good role model for little kids. but having said that, i do like a few of her songs. good and broken is one of my favorites. i think if she wasn't famous, she'd be a very nice girl. but even her dad said that she's getting caught up with fame right now and she needs a reality check. anyway, i'm team demi and selena. ;]
  5. haha, somehow i knew this topic would be jobro related ;] i've been to two jonas concerts, last september and last december. they aren't coming near me again for a while though. but danggg i sure do love me a jonas concert. haha. they are great performers. :]
  6. aww, it's okay. it'll seem confusing at first, with all the class changing, and intimidating older kids. but soon it'll become normal to you. it's really not as scary as it seems :]
  7. hah. it's so cool that so many people remember me ^.^
  8. it looks pretty much the same but there's a few new sections haha. i should check them out.
  9. haha yea...i dont have much to do today so i'm just listening to music and stuff...
  10. idk. i just had like a mental spasm or something and all of a sudden i thought, "hmm, i should go back to tamatalk." lol.
  11. ^.^ it's been pretty good. and thanks! i'm going into the 7th grade in 2 days. woo. and i really like dogs, the jonas brothers, and soccer. lol
  12. heyyyy everyone! anyone who's been on tamatalk for a long time will probably remember me. i used to be the youngest tamaguide for about 6 months or so, then i lost interest in tamagotchis and resigned. but, i decided to stop back and say hi to anyone who remembers me. haha. so yea.... i won't stick around for too long but i'll be here for a little bit so if you want to ask questions or anything, that's cool. -newbiekidlex (haha i can't believe i still remember my old signature!)
  13. Yeah, but the Wii comes out on Sunday! <3 PWNED. The PS3 looks awesome, but I really want a Wii.
  14. Haha, have you ever been to the forums on some of the Ed, Edd n' Eddy fansites? There's gotta be at least a thousand people who love Edd. Edd is so smart and awesome. :3