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  1. Can I be your friend? I'm quite new and I noticed you haven't logged on to tamatalk for a few years.

  2. Alright, everyone. The information is going well, so thank you to all! As of right now, I have 30 usable logs for generation 1 and 16 usable logs for generation 2. I have 1 more gen. 3 and 1 for gen. 4. The Adult Issue Ok, as far as we know, there should be 31 obtainable adults in Version 3, however, of that 31 I only have 24 recorded possibilities. Therefore, I'm still missing the proof of 7 adult existences (Gozarutchi, Megatchi, Nyatchi, Warusotchi, Hohotchi, Hidatchi and Pipotchi). If you have any growth information on any of these whatsoever, please post it! The Teen Issue From what Bandai has said, Version 3 should contain 10 teen-level Tamagotchi characters. From the current posts (with what I could trust completely) I only have records for 7 characters. That means I still need proof and growth information for 3 teen-level Tamas (Hinotamatchi, Piroriroritchi and Nikatchi. Hashitamatchi also only has one log and therefore may be untrustworthy). Please keep sending as much information as possible! From the standpoint right now, the Tamadex V3 doesn't look all that great. We're missing 10 characters entirely, and some teens only have one log. Please keep sending as much information as possible! Again, please include your generation number! I cannot stress this enough! If I were to guess at the generation number of your Tamagotchi I could fuddle all of the information given so far. So please, include your generation number. I think I've turned down half of the posts because either the generations didn't make sense or they were not included at all. I can tell you a few things most assuredly right now: Mizutamatchi and Tamatchi seem to be the definitive toddlers for the first/all odd generations. Kuchitamatchi and Mohitamatchi seem to be the definitive toddlers for the second/all even generations. Young Mametchi, Obotchi and Patapatatchi are all odd generation teens. Young Mimitchi, Hikotchi and Hinatchi are all even generation teens. Hashitamatchi has also appeared once as a second generation teen. That's pretty much all of the concrete information I can tell you as of this moment. Thanks again, and please keep posting.
  3. Oh, wow, I didn't know there was already a thread! Yes, my new topic has been pinned, but I'll definitely be sure to add all of this information (well, the parts I can use) to add to the Tamadex V3! Thanks everyone!
  4. The moderators are known as "TamaGuides" here on Tama Talk. However, they are not normal moderators that simply keep the peace. They are knowledgeable in all areas of Tamagotchi. You can ask them any question about the forum, etc. As for you being a moderator on another forum, that may be, but you have to earn it again where ever you go (but, you already knew that).
  5. I was around when newbiekidlex became a Tamaguide, and I thought they really deserved it. But TamaMum is extremely kind and helpful, and Admin is just an awesome person all around. However, I won't choose because I'm not sure that I agree with the basis of this thread. I'm thinking it just might be a ploy.
  6. Because of the popularity of the Tamadex V2, many people have requested a Tamadex V3. It just so happens that Admin has agreed to make another sticky topic for you guys to post your growth information in! This time, however, I must ask that you post here or e-mail me (rivenn@gmail.com) rather than PM me. During the Tamadex V2 creation, my PM inbox was filled everyday and a lot of people could not send me their information, so again: Post or E-mail. Please DO NOT PM. (You can PM me, but only if you need help with something.) Also: Please do not edit your posts to add information to them. Once there become several hundred posts (like last time) it becomes difficult for me to look over all of them again. If you need to change your information, you can repost it, PM me or e-mail me. Again, do not edit your posts to add/change information. Requirements: - Have a Tamagotchi Connection Version Three(3) ...Those are really the only requirements. Please post your information in the following fashion: Gender: (Male/Female) Toddler: (Tama Species) Teen: (Tama Species) Adult: (Tama Species) Generation: (Gen. #) Generations are vital. If you do not include your Generation Number, I may not be able to use your information. If you are unclear as to which species your Tamagotchi is, you can check at one of two places: - Rivenn's V3 character chart - Tama Talk Again, all help is greatly appreciated! Help make this the better of the two Tamadexes! -Rivenn New! Please read. If you obtain one of the following tamagotchies, please send me a picture of them as they look when you pause them on your tamagotchi. (Either take a photo or use the one-pixel paint option in Microsoft Paint, save as either .gif or.jpg, please.) - Mimiyoritchi - Tsunotchi - Warusotchi - Hohotchi - Teketchi - Decotchi - Hidatchi *edit: updated link to Rivenn's Tamagotchi chart*
  7. Wal-Mart in Canada (because I'm Canadian...). It's awesome (Jungle Camo).
  8. Yes they can, but only in the Tamagotchi V1 way. Well, my Keitai Akai can, anyway. They cannot mate, however, and I'm not sure why...
  9. I have put a page on my website pertaining to the 5 new Tamagotchies: http://ca.geocities.com/theonlytorn@rogers...adex/names.html Most information is on Whaletchi.
  10. 3 new names have been revealed thanks to the Tamagotchi.com Poll. Flowertchi, Butterflytchi and Toratchi (as previously expected). Eventually I will ammend the Tamadex to reflect this. Sorry I havn't been so diligent with it. :/ School gets in the way of the Internet you see. But, aren't these names fairly corny?
  11. These names are total speculation. I'm waiting for the official release from Bandai.
  12. Congratulations! I really don't know what to say. XP Great work.
  13. Ha, it's funny how the "Camouflage" tama is "hard to find." Well, good job... But how can you care for all those tamas? You must have a lot of time. o__o
  14. To enter secret codes you must have a Version 2. You obviously cannot enter codes in a Version 1. To enter the codes, go to the shop. When you see the shop keeper, press "a" three times and the shop keeper will beep. Then input the codes. You can find those on the codes board.
  15. Yeah, it's normal in both versions. It means that that's when you can turn the lights out, unless you wait for them to physically get in bed themselves.