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  1. How do you find the shop codes, one was on my instruction booklet, but where on tamatown do you find them? Do you just explore?
  2. Log 2 06/06/05 7:23 p.m. Anna and I have a group hatching. Anna's, Tama, is born second before mine, Phi. We connect them and play some games. One thing. It's been like a year and I stopped for a while and I didn't keep up with my log. There have been many generations after Tama and Phi, but I will skip to now. Whoo! It was like a trip to the past! I bought a V3 oceanic wave off ebay, and I started it at 3:47 p.m. I forgot to log so I can't say much. All my 3 didn't lose my hearts though, and they are all toddlers. I am striving for a Mametchi.
  3. Log 1 Getting the Tama 06/06/05 A long time ago in a Wal-mart far, far away... My friend Anna and I decided to get Tamas. We called all the local Wal-Marts save one, and the others had none. I called and they kept redirecting us to different departments. In makeup we could hear a lady cursing a guy out in the background. When we finally got someone, she was very nice and said, yes, they have them. We went there and I selected a white one with yellow buttons and Anna selected a light pink one. ( She already had a purple one.) Later, we went back and I bought a light blue one. All of ours are V1s, so far into the story. Just 5 days ago, Anna bought a V3 bubble blue and I bought a V3 Oceanic Wave. So now my log begins.....
  4. I think it's fixed because just today i bought juice and, behold! It was juice.
  5. None of my 3 and my friends 3 have glitched.
  6. When my friend and i were trying to connect we thought the same thing. You have to press B twice on the connect icon.
  7. I think if the love potion thing doesn't work you can't mate it. They are mateable 2-3 days after thay become an adult. Try not to wait too long.
  8. Maybe you pressed it too hard when you were trying to reset.
  9. Hmm. Either its real rare or some kind of glitch. Btw, HELL was a bit rude.
  10. For two at target minw were like, $2.00. But that was a while back.
  11. What I meant was I at least want a timeframe. If they gave me that I'd be ok. Or if they said like coming in a month or something.
  12. I'm so sorry. I'd freak if i'd lost mine!!! I usually keep them in my purse so they dont get lost. Look under the couch cusions.
  13. I know that they are having a school on tamatown, but what do your tama do there? Will there be a place for tamas to work too? And also, when this part of tamatown is done, will there be another page?
  14. I have a masktchi that doesn't go to sleep until very late. If it is after 10 or 11 and you tama is still not asleep, turn the lights off and your tama will sleep. Some of you might know this, but I hope it helps those who don't.