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  1. But I want to have Mame family The games raise too much ARTSp, see my first post?
  2. Really???!!!! Ughhhh this is the worst version! You can only get 6 adults unless you reset!!!! BORING
  3. Do they change? I always get characters from the meme family. My tama is a toddler and this are her points: Intelligence: 60 ARTS: 120 Social: 32 The arts raise too much, dont they? REMEMBER: My tama goes to preschool, not to school, so I didn't select the flower teacher!
  4. Please, I still cant understand. Your family can change?
  5. I tought you always had the same family!
  6. I mean, in V4 you always have the same family, right? I always get memetchi, toskatchi and furawatchi... Is there any way to change your family?
  7. Please reply if you are sick of your family! I always get the same teens and adults
  8. And secret characters have a gender? I have a boy tama and I want to gets the special one, im in the meme family
  9. Yeah, Locky, but theres a line that starts from the teens, then passes by mametchi and then to the scientist
  10. I can understand the thing about the points and all, but, for example, I would need to get mametchi and have a lot of points to get the scientist? Or they turn after teens? Do they have a gender?
  11. Oh no! I forgot Hanatchi and Robotchi! * edit: TamaMum - I added them for you *
  12. Well, in other v´s, tamas grew at the age of 4 or 5
  13. My tama envolved into an adult at age 2!