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    Roleplaying. It's fun.

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    .....I think you can tell by my username.

  2. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  3. Hopefully your area will be doing good shows!

  4. Ooh, well that sounds nice!

    Yeah, I think I'm definitely going to look into it.

  5. Plus, it guarantees that you will have people to hang out with. Some of my very best friends I met during summer theater in my town.

  6. I think I will. C: I need something to do with my summer.

  7. You definitely should! You make so many friends, and it's definitely good to have something fun to do in summer.

    :) Exactly.

  8. It sounds like it'd be fun, I'll have to check what's around my are. O:

    I guess that's true, lolz. But a lot of people moved up in roles and I stayed a chorus member... But my theatre teacher seems to like me, so I guess that means I have a little talent? xD

  9. It's so much fun. You don't have to worry about school or homework.

    Hey, you made it into the school musical. That has to count for something!

  10. I might, if I get up the courage to do it. xD

    I like acting, but I don't really have a talent for it.

  11. Do you plan on doing summer theater too? You should!

  12. I'm sure it will!

  13. Will do!

    I hope so. Hopefully my theater training will help me out!

  14. Doo iiiit.

    Ooh, good luck! I'm sure you can do it.