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  1. Resident Evil (PS1) Resident Evil (Gamecube) Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) CoD MW2 (PS3) Pokemon Soul Silver (DS)
  2. I would say elite beat agents would be good! It is very fun and it can be really funny! Look at review sites for games they usually tell good games! But it is your choice.
  3. MY first post was about a fake tamagotchi! I changed to!
  4. I like my ds! i am getting more games soon! yay! I Have 9 games. 1.Bomberman 2.Need for speed most wanted 3.Burnout legends 4.Wario ware Touched! 5.Cars 6.Pac Pix 7.Brain Age 8.Elite Beat Agents 9.Need for speed Carbon own the city
  5. I am afraid of screams at night in complete darkness. Creepy!
  6. I had one that was creepy! I went outside and thought i heard something so i looked around and i saw a person that was all rotted and his brain was falling out! It was quite weird! ive had more but this one was recent.
  7. I like the originel design! I have electric blue ds Go Origanal ds!!!
  8. I like the original ds design! I love electric blue!
  9. I like my origanal ds! Its Electric BLUE! I love That Color! p.s. RTT i dont like the lite eather! Its the same thing! GO ORGINAL DS! YEAH!
  10. Yay i beat JJF on Agent J! The agent i have now is cheif tain!
  11. Its so fun! In my opinion its the best game for the ds! I am on agent "J" on Jumpin jack flash! Its pretty hard! Any one else have it? I got it for christmas.
  12. I have a cheat for brain training! If you hold select while entering brain age check you get to pick what traings you would like to do!