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  1. I'm just wondering what instruments you play cuz I'm bored right now, but anyway I like learning about what type of instruments people play. I play the violin. And I taught myself a bit of piano. So yea. What instruments do you play??
  2. Are always bored of the same items in your shop? Well you can get new items every time! All you have to do is set your time on your tama to these times: 2:59 P.M. 6:59 P.M Wait one minute. Then check your shop and you should have new items in your shop! It's easy! **(If you don't know how to set the time on your tama, press A and C on the time screen)** Hope this helps!! Enjoy!!
  3. Hmmmmmmm..... I know this is a tough question beacause there are sooooooooo many awesome things to wish for in the world! But I think I'd wish for friends and best friends to never get into fights and to always be awesome friends forever! So, if you had one wish... what would it be??? ************************************************* (I'm obseesed with these *)
  4. maxmotives brings up all your sims needs to green. So your sims are maxed out!
  5. I found these and they are hilarious! % = bicycle accident :0) = guy with a huge nose or clown This one here is a.... you guess what it is! *<|<|<|<|<|<|<|<= (Look at it on an angle) If you have any funny ones post them! And post your answer to the mystery webspeak thing!
  6. I was at the zoo one time with my family. We were in the picnic area and there were some geese around us. All of a sudden... a big honking geese came at me and almost bit my butt! My mom shoved me in the carriage (i was small) my legs were sticking out. I wasn't even thrown in the carriage properly! Thenthe same goose came up to me and almost bit my nose off! Ow! My mom hurried away with me in the carriage. Then we noticed that some poor child was standing on top of the picnic table surrounded by geese! That child happened to be my younger brother! He was screaming very loud. Everybody was staring at us and laughing. My mom ran and got him down. And that was the story of a geese attack! REMEMBER: NEVER GO TO A ZOO WITH A FLOCK OF GEESE AROUND YOU WHILE YOU ARE AT A PICNIC AREA!
  7. This is for V.5 only. Go to tamatown. Complete a game well and you will recieve money. Go to logout and enter the code into your tama. Don't exit yet! Copy the money password/code down somewhere. Now on your tama re-enter the same password as many times as you want! It works! You get instant tama cash!!! Enjoy!
  8. When I mean a special saying I mean like something that might help you to succeed or to help you fullfill your goals or lifetime want. Here is a random saying "Silence is Golden". That's all I could think of right now...!
  9. What are you going to acomplish this new year?! I have a lot of that on my mind still! Try and pick something that will make your life easier or better! These are just some ideas. Happy NEW YEAR!!!
  10. I like the littlest petshop too! I have a lot of them! Good luck with buying it! g2g
  11. Almost Happy New Year!!! Today is the last day of 2007!!! Do all the things you want today before this wonderful year ends! Happy New Year to you all!