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    i love tamagotchis!!!!!!!!!!! they are the best ever.Also i like to hang out with my mum.<br>I have lots of fun on this web sight!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. thats no prob my my best fris tama did it to her and that helped it a lot!!!
  2. Here is the thing,you see you have to reset the tama then press button A then press download. You see when you but your battery in it went back to the time when the battey lost its power. tamagotchifan
  3. LOL the hat,#32 oh well. tamagotchifan
  4. oh so the hat has not been released yet.Thanks so much!! tamagotchifan
  5. Now like haze said yes most of the things you can only use whan you are an adult,like the thing you told us about.Now if you are an adult and still can not use them then P.M me and i will help you!!!!!!!!!!!! tamagotchifan
  6. Hi every bod,um well today when i was playing on tamatown i had one moere thing to find then i was finished.The thing i needed to get was the hat but it was no where to be seen.Can you plz,plz,plz!!!helpme!!Oh and im not really new to a tamagotchis and tamatalk!!! thanks!!Tamagotchifan
  7. Hi um well when the king says thanks very much you press the B button then he will give you the code.Im sorry but you have to give him another 5000p. tamagotchifan
  8. Hi um if she or he gives you the codes they will not work,because the codes will work on ONLY her tama.Again beacause she donated the ponts not you. tamagotchifan
  9. oh um well um i think that its un happy because the happyness bar it low?or maby its dying. tamagotchifan
  10. hi,sorry but this is not the place to ask for fris (friends) gust pm some one and ask them i mean come on man!! tamagotchifan
  11. oh sorry you get them from kmart
  12. hiya,um well you can get sea monkeys from not sore where eles you can get them,in kmart if you run out of food you can get more! tamagotchifan
  13. ok ok ok people i think he or she knows that the tama is going to die!!!! tamagotchifan
  14. hay its nothing!!!at least your geting help. tamagotchifan
  15. ya i think so too me and my friends tamas where boys we got love potion and we connected put did not work!!! tamagothcifan