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  1. Sorry for not being around much. I've been obsessed with AC:NL since it came out last year.

    1. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      I know how you feel. I couldn't pry myself from it for at least 4 months XD

    2. Midorime


      I've been addicted to Tomodachi Life, which is similar but more simple

  2. visiting Japan May 11 - 24

  3. Bandai always recommends pressing the reset button when you install a new battery. Then when the Reset / Download menu appears, select Download to restore your previous Tamagotchi character.
  4. According to the press release (at time of launch), the size is: width 55 mm x height 65.5 mm x depth 28 mm
  5. There's a miniguide to many of the iDL games posted on Tama-Zone, here's the link: (I think I posted it on TamaTalk too, but I can't find it.)
  6. Text, such as item names, within the DLC can be altered to English. However, there's no way to change the language of the Tamagotchi iDL itself.
  7. The compartment and the contacts within are same on the Tamagotchi iD. Some information about them can be found here:
  8. On-screen menus translated to English, and how to connect to a TamaSuku in JukuTama mode:
  9. Yes, chips in that type of package can be easily replaced. The mask ROMs contain the program. The data (meaning the game program instructions) in them can't be altered. The EEPROM contains the save data. The data in it can be overwritten. There are some numbers printed on the chip. One set of numbers will be the part number. Availability will vary by part. It might be cheap and easy to find, or it might be rare. You won't know until you have the part number.
  10. Assuming the flash memory chip is in a package that can be replaced (i.e. not a silicon die that's been glued to the pcb then buried in epoxy) and that you can aquire a replacement chip, you'll still lose your save game when you remove the old chip. So, wouldn't it be easier to just purchase two game cartridges? Play one until it stops working, then switch over to playing the other. Also, I believe 10,000 is the minumum.
  11. I participated in a Devilgotchi group hatch a few years ago. You might find some useful information in it. Here's a link:
  12. Oh there it is. Go pick it up. Um hello? You can pick it up now. Kiramotchi, please pick up that red recipe paper. ARGH... Pick it up. please... please... just pick it up... please...
  13. Ok. So it seems there's a bug: the matchmaker's location isn't cleared when recovering from reset - load. I'm guessing you invoked debug mode using Mr.Blinky's special download?
  14. After hitting reset, did you select to start fresh or load previous data?
  15. ... I'm speechless On second thought... I have one question: did you place this unit into debug mode, raise an adult, then change the character?