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  1. he actually reminds me of my older brother a bit, they look somewhat alike u_u soos has a better sense of humor than him though heheh
  2. Okay Episode 7 was brilliant omg I don't think ive laughed so much at a disney show before u_u does anyone else find Soos to be the most hilarious character or
  3. so much to do so much to see

  4. wowowowowo what a perfect show I like all the characters they're all brilliant (dipper is a qt tho) Gonna go watch Episode 7 now uvu
  5. wOW really good artists on this thread!! u.u A lot of my recent art is pretty personal lately but I might upload something when I draw some fanart My dA is here: http://jadiebloop.deviantart.com
  6. Tumblr, Homestuck, Gravity Falls and SR3 u_u
  7. I'll just copy and paste from my tumblr: Saints Row: The Third, Gravity Falls, Harvest Moon, Lapfox, TES: Skyrim, Animal Crossing, Yume Nikki + fangames, Hetalia, Portal, Minecraft, Superjail!, Pop'n Music, Homestuck, Pokémon, Birds, Neon colours, Electronic music, Steampunk, Cyberpunk I've recently found my Tamagotchis there so I might be obsessed with them too. woops
  8. A mixture of green, blue and grey.
  9. Avatar: Kururu from Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso. Signature: Self explanatory. Username: Jadie is my name, Bloop was the name of my first Tamagotchi (Mametchi).
  10. It disturbs me that more research goes into making new mascara than making cures for cancer...
  11. Make-up, Twilight, Jonas Bros., Swearing, Texting, Rap, so much more... .3.
  12. TPAM posted on the 2nd February 2010.
  13. AnimalCrossingCommunity.com. If you like that game that is.
  14. The little sheath on the end of a shoe lace is called an aglet (pronounced eye-let).
  15. The youngest girl to give birth was five years old, seven months and 21 days.
  16. One in two-thousand newborn babies are born with teeth. Napolean Bonaparte and Julius Caesar are famous examples of people born with teeth
  17. The longest recorded chicken flight is 13 seconds.
  18. I dislike them because they are just not the real thing, meaning the money goes to some cheap knockoff Tamagotchi maker, not to Bandai.