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  1. Cool!Well I might be getting my own soon.What was yours like?
  2. Today my friend told me about a Tamagotchi-ish pet she had bought in Asda (if you live outside of England you might not have that shop...) and for 98p.Compared to the £12.50 I paid for my two tamagotchis, quite an improvement though probably only worth that 98p.It was just called an 'Electronic Pet', no funky time like the Tamagotchi.It didn't have any instructions with it and there were the three bottom buttons but with triangular arrow buttons on the left and right of the screen.Apart from the fact that it can be closed (which the tama can't) and that it only came in a few colours, it is VERY similar on the outside to what the tama is.It also has the keyring thing on the top. The pet on the screen itself is much different.You get to choose your pet.There are a wide range of demented pets to choose from, even a MAN.You can take care of a PET MAN.You can't choose their name and they don't have a gender.My friend chose a lion cub which named itself Sushi - then it's name changed again to Bush after school!As far as I have heard, they don't grow.Well, what would a man grow into anyway???They change into strange blobs when happy and you can give them wine and injections.Creepy.Also they don't tell you when they need fed and you just have to feed them whenever you want! There are some pretty strange games where the pet changes into a blob to play them, and my friend seemed awesomely freaked out by all this. She showed me it on webcam but I'll try and take a pic with the Print Screen button when she shows me it again! Has anyone else seen or heard of any Tamagotchi rip offs?Share your discoveries (even a picture if ya want)!
  3. Kiara is now 6, and Kovu is 8.They are older than they should be because I fiddled with the time I am going to list Kiaras food and items for something to do, so here: Foods: French fries, Steak, Potato, Corn, and pasta Items: Costume, Racquets, Cap, Bow, Wings, Weights, and her bear As Kovu is an old, withered, connexion 1, he has no items at all oh well.I think I'll let him become an old timer - I haven't had one before and it would be funny to show everyone. he doesn't have a girlfriend, after all.And I won't care if he wants a baby because I'll let Kiara have one - and so I can turn down his Matchmaker, and so making him become an Ojitchi! Stay tuned!
  4. My connexion 1 won't reset/restart.I tried pressing the button many times but unlike it used to, it no longer works!Please help.
  5. Have you been changing the time on it alot?That might make it late to grow, I think.
  6. If its connexion 1 or 2, I don't think you can
  7. Currently, Kovu is doing a marching routine.He keeps marching up to the screen and going all close up funny! Kiara and Billy are now a happy couple Kovu and Kiara are deleted from each others friends list so maybe that will help Kiara fall in lurve with Billy well they smooched some more, and me and Billys owner got 9999p each from playing the slots repeatedly.Then I spent most of mine on Love Potions.Still no baby Tama aww Well cya for now!
  8. I have two Tamagotchis!One is v1, and the other v2.Currently both generation 1.Here is their info Kiara Style: yellow, flowery Species: Leaftchi Gender: female Age: 4 Kovu Style: blue, white pawprints Species: Mametchi Gender: male Age: 6 I had to get new batteries for both, recently.But even though Kiara was re-batteried before Kovu, she is younger than him oh well. Kiara is also in a sticky situation because as well as being in love with Kovu, she is in love with Billy, my friend's Pochitchi after Billy used the Love Potion and smooched her meh I will keep updated :3 oh, Kiara is hungry.Better feed her!And she needs to play Jump, too.