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  1. Here are some bands I like Green day Korn Audioslave System of a down 30 seconds to mars AFI Angel and airwaves Alexisonfire Seether Angels and airwaves Billy talent and there are lots more bands I like
  2. Im a AFI fan I got there latest album decemberunderground for christmas.
  3. I didn't know g meant genoration the higest generation I ever got to is 10
  4. Excuse me but what is the point of this topic seems like spam.
  5. I have never heard of dragonball AF I was also a big fan of Dragonball Z when it was on air a couple of years ago. And also watched a bit Of Dragonball GT.
  6. Atlantic

    sad sad story

    But in dr tamastein's cabinet they found a saw and cut the mouse hole bigger.
  7. Try downloading it or reset it. But if your talking about sovuenirs you can't use them.
  8. That's too bad Memetchi is one of my favorite caracters
  9. somtimes things happen when you put in the battery. Once when I put the battery back in it made the sound it does when you start a game
  10. some times tamagotchis that were hatched around the same time may do some of the same actions as the other I think it's pretty neat how they do that
  11. I have heard of tat happining but it has never happed to me I am not sure that it is a glitch but it probaly is
  12. Actually you can't use souviners.
  13. I could help what do you need help with
  14. Try downloading it if not reset it or maybe the time on your tamagotchi is set incorrectley
  15. I don't own a v1 but maybe the time on your tamagotchi is set wrong but if thats not the case your could try reseting it.