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  1. *runs back from e-tamago* HA HA HA! It makes me laugh too!
  2. Thanx, but I've already got a kakeibo and a CIAO edition (memetchi). Just got em' yesterday. I'll post a pic soon!
  3. The rules state in this foroum that you may NOT post or reply to a question in logs! This log should be closed.
  4. tamapalace, you have bumped up numerious topics >_< please don't do that any longer >_<
  5. Wait 24 to 48 hours before connecting them, and they should mate. also, you musn't have 4 hears w/ any other tamagotchi's. hope your tamas gat married and have babies!
  6. It is called the kakeibo. It is bigger than a regular tamagotchi. It is for use w/ En-Tamas. I am getting one in 6 days!
  7. You could put something like "come to me for answers via pm" in your signature.
  8. Mothra is correct. As I was reading that I thought "what's the tamagotchi robot?"
  9. That's great! I was worried for the future of Tamatalk! lol, but i guess it's going to be fixed!
  10. Thanx for the review! I'm getting a Kakeibo on May 8th as one of my Birthday presents. I'll use this review as referance!
  11. They are fine. They are just something you need to get used to. Thay are helping Tamatalk, so...
  12. Your tamagotchi needs to be on the 4th generation to visit the grrandparents.
  13. I agree w/ you. You just shouldn't look at them and find them out on your own. But if you must give out passwords, please tell us your username!